Here’s How To Tackle A New, Big City

Being from the suburbs, it didn’t allow me to grow up using the subways as transportation. Instead, I grew up using carpools, school buses, and my family’s minivan. I didn’t grow up with the freedom that NYC would have allowed me to have. Last year, during the first few months of high school, I convinced my mom to let me go into the city by myself. I took the Decamp bus with two of my friends and had to text my mom every hour. While the every hour rule hasn’t changed, I now go in almost every weekend totally by myself to either work or hangout with friends. The city still intimidates me at times, but I’m definitely more comfortable with it all now. Here’s how:

#1 – Learn how to use public transportation


You obviously want to look like you know what you are doing. And while there is nothing wrong with asking for directions or help, you should have a certain grasp on it yourself.

The basics:

1. Know which subways are the express and local.

2. Know which ones to transfer at.

3. Most importantly, know how to swipe your subway card at the right speed.

#2 – Go to events


Going to events like concerts or art shows will help you meet people. While having solo days in the city can be fun, being in social environments is important too. If you are going to tackle the big city, you have to venture to new places and see new things. If you don’t know of any events, check out your favorite artists social media accounts or see what concerts are happening. You will slowly find out about more and more things.

#3 – Find city friends


Whether you find them through social media or events you may go to, it doesn’t matter. Having a group of friends outside of the ones you have at home is very fun and quite exciting. Yes, it can be intimidating because they have probably run into more famous people than you. And yes, they may live in a cool apartment in the West Village. But they are still your friends to grab lunch with in the city or go see a show with. And that is always fun.

#4 – Find your favorites


Once you start to find your favorite places to eat, shop, use the bathroom, etc. the city feels a little easier. When I go into the city (NYC), I usually stop at the pizza place at the corner of Cleveland Pl and Kenmare St. Afterwards, I go to Mulberry Iconic Magazines to buy a few cool things for my small collection. With more new experiences, you’ll eventually find yourself following a routine. You can then maneuver yourself through the city with more ease.

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