Tina Louise Has Abs And Doesn’t Even (Really) Work Out

After seeing Tina Louise in these munchie-filled photos shot by Alie Layus, we had one question: how can a girl eat like that, but look like this? You might assume that she works out religiously, but the truth is, she’s virtually a stranger to the gym. Instead, Tina thanks genetics and a top secret three step method that lets her have an occasional cheat day to eat ice cream floats and gooey pizza: the rest of the time, it’s strictly health foods and relaxation. Tina gave Galore the easiest guide to getting the body of your dreams without having to purchase a pair of sneakers. Only three steps to loving what you’ve got!

  1. Light Exercise: “I do yoga twice a week and walk for 30 minutes three times a week. That’s about it: I don’t put any stress on my body.”
  2. De-stress: “I feel when you’re happy and live a stress free life, that’s when your body takes care of itself.”
  3. Choose the right snacks: “Sometimes my guilty pleasures involve junk food, but most of the time my snacks are more along the lines of sushi.”

Photographer: Alie Layus

Model: Tina Louise

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