Here’s How the Digital Age Changed the Dating Game for the Better

People often bemoan our generations dating habits for a myriad of reasons. We hook up with who we want, no one is ready for commitment, and perhaps most of all, we use dating apps and online platforms to find the people we want to spend our time with. Sure the digital age has changed the way we date people but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it hasn’t changed the way we date for the better. Here are five reasons why we’re thankful for the Internet when it comes to dating.

1. You can rule out assholes without ever having to speak to them.

Tinder may be pretty useless when it comes to finding a steady significant other but at least it makes ignoring assholes as easy as swiping left. One friend told me her tinder rule was that if the dude in the photo was holding a fish and wearing camo, she was not going to be talking to him. How beautiful is it that we now live in a world where we can be as judgey as we want and never have to interact with the people we want to avoid in the dating world?

2. Erasing your ex is as easy as hitting the block button.

Never want to hear from your ex again? You never have to worry about getting a text, call, or facebook message again from them when you hit the block button. If only you could block their existence from your life IRL.

3. Hitting on someone is as easy as hitting the like button on their IG selfies.

Dozens of people in my life have started talking, hooking up, and then dating long term– all by simply creeping on each other’s IG accounts and liking each other’s selfies. There is probably not a more obvious way to say someone “You’re hot and I want to jump in bed with you” without actually ever having to say it then going back 34 weeks in IG to like someone’s selfies.

4. An app can break up with your boyfriend for you.

Don’t feel like breaking the news to your soon to be ex that you don’t want to be with them anymore? Don’t worry, you don’t even have to text or call them yourself to leave them. Break up apps like binder will call and text your boyfriend and and “bin” them for you. Sure it’s a terrible thing to do, but it’s so convenient.

5.Location services on Twitter and facebook will always keep your significant other honest.

Gone are the days when your significant other could lie to you about where they are. With big brother, aka the Internet constantly tracking your smartphone’s location, any type of status updating, picture posting, or tweeting your significant other does while they are out will be accompanied by a location and time stamp, making keeping them honest as easy as taking a screen shot. Thank you creepy location services for exposing all the cheaters and dishonest dbags in our lives.

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