Here’s How Often You Need to Touch Up Your Makeup to Keep it Fleeky All Day

There’s nothing like going out with a full face of lit makeup, and then checking out your tagged pics the next day to see your face practically melting off in all of them – and not in a cool trippy way, in a tragic way.

Remembering to touch-up your makeup is obvi hard when you’re busy getting drunk, and nobody wants to be “that girl” carrying around a compact at all times, but I guess it’s the price you pay.

In fact, celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips says that you need to be on your touchup game if you really want to stunt on your haters.

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So on your game, that you’re checking up on your face every fucking hour.

“Stay on top of your makeup, and, depending on where you are, check back on your makeup every hour or so,” she told W Magazine. “That’s what we do on set to ensure makeup stays as fresh as possible.”

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Girl, who has the time for that? You think I want to leave the table at the club and wait in a 30 minute bathroom line every hour just to make sure my contour hasn’t faded? Bye!

Then again, maybe if you were a celeb and you had cameras flashing at you every second, you would. Or, you’d hire someone to do it for you. You know, like a designated makeup patrol.

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Until then, all you can do is try to buy waterproof, long-lasting makeup and hope for the best. Or you know, just forgo makeup altogether so that your face doesn’t go from 100 to 0 as soon as you get a champagne shower.

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