Here’s How Lexington Steele, Adult Film Extraordinaire, Lost It

Written by Lexington Steele 

At 17, my senior year of high school nearing completion, I finally had my first experience. Beyond the kissing and heavy petting that took place before then, I was finally about to go all the way. She was older, 24, a NYC runway model, who drove a Porsche 911. Around my home town, she was known to date professional athletes and had the toys and jewelry to back it up.  By this time I had developed a little style about myself and began to model locally in small events at the shopping malls and department stores. This is how I met the model who would be my first time. She was from my town, but had the metropolitan look and swagger that was not regularly seen around my town. How I ended up sharing the runway with her, I will never know.

“In my mind raced a myriad of adult film, a mental Rolodex of hardcore that had left an imprint on my brain.”

I distinctly remember what was going through my mind as the moment drew closer. In my mind raced a myriad of adult film, a mental Rolodex of hardcore that had left an imprint on my brain. You see, some of the porno I watched as a youth was in fact, instructional. While I had no had  actual experience at that point, I had run hundreds of dress rehearsals for the task at hand; even perfecting the art of successfully adorning a condom. Seeking to emulate all the films I had absorbed, I was well prepared to turn in a stellar opening performance. Channeling my best Sean Michaels’ impersonation, I did her like a adult film star. And she loved it.


Afterward, she could not believe it to have been my first time. I assured her it was, with all the burgeoning puppy love coursing through my veins having finally become a man. We would meet and do it in many different places over that summer. It would be the best summer I ever had. Going into my first year of college, I remember thinking, “Hey, I might be pretty good at doing it.”

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