Here’s How Gigi Hadid Got Her Short Hair for the AMA’s, Without Scissors

Last night, despite not actually being musical, Gigi Hadid was one of the most talked about stars of the night, all thanks to what seemed like a drastic chop. Thankfully before we all broke out the scissors, Hadid’s hairstylist Bryce Scarlett revealed to Cosmopolitan that her bob was actually an artfully placed wig. According to Scarlett, Hadid’s hair already had short face framing pieces , so he cut a half-wig to match the length and of those, and tucked the back lengths of her up under the wig and used a round brush to blow out her hair to hide the evidence. Scarlett said he and Hadid were inspired by the high neckline of the Bao Tranchi dress she wore, explaining “The dress called for short, sexy, easy — looking hair.” So there you have, it turns out you can have it anyway you want, a Victoria’s Secret bombshell blow out or an edgy bob, just as long as you’re a little crafty and invest in what could be the most versatile hair accessory, a half-wig.


Images via Getty Images

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