Here’s How 15 Reigning Social Media Queens Would’ve Spent Their Powerball Winnings

A $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot is to be divided among three winners who purchased tickets in California, Tennessee, and Florida. While sharing isn’t always easy, each winner still holds a ticket worth $528.8 million. The winning numbers were 08 27 34 04 19, announced in the drawing last night. This was the largest lottery prize North America had ever seen, AND IT WAS AWESOME! Becoming instantly rich is one thing, but the prospect of becoming a billionaire overnight is even better.

While nobody counts on winning the lotto, everybody dreams of what they’d buy if they did win. That’s why we asked your reigning social media queens what they would’ve done with the Powerball jackpot had they won. From private jets to a castle built for dogs, here’s what 15 of our favorite ladies wanted to throw some money at.

1. Rachel Mortenson

“I’d buy a 10 acre plot of land in Southern California and start a rescue cat ranch. I’d get all the pussies, so I’d also probably have to buy sex. The cat ranch thing may be a downer on the love life.”

2. Amanda Li-Paige

“I’d buy a private jet and would plan the ultimate around the world adventure.”

3. Kylie Rae 

“I would buy a house in the hills and decorate the entire thing from scratch.”

4. Emma McVey

“I’d pay for all of my friends and I to go to the Maldives!”

5. Sam Black

“I would probably try to clone Heath ledger.”

6. Courtney Allegra

“I would buy a tropical island and invite Justin Bieber to come and live with me!”

7. Sophie Tweed-Simmons

“I would build a new building for my charity Sophies Place (center for abused children)!”

8. Bekka Gunther

“I would buy a beautiful condo in Venice Beach for my parents to live in. And of course, so I could come stay there too!”

9. Amber Asaly

“I would give everyone I know a million dollars (chump change). Then I’d pay Drake how ever much money was necessary to perform ‘Shot For Me’ on a rooftop in an exotic location. Just the two of us, alone.”

10. Lindsey Harrod

“I’d buy In-N-Out burgers for the entire country.”

11. Amy-Jane Brand

“I think I’d do a full blown Oprah Winfrey and buy all of my family and closest friends houses! As for myself, I’d buy a dope Art Deco/Industrial style apartment in every city that I love around the world, along with a 1968 Ford Fastback Mustang for me and a Ford GTX1 for my man, both in black.”

12. Haruna Yokota

“I’d love to buy big mansions with fancy pools in many countries and a pretty castle for my dogs!”

13. Bree Kleintop

“I’d buy a tropical island in the Mentawais and invite all of my favorite people to celebrate. We’d surf perfect waves, feast on In-N-Out burgers (with extra sauce & grilled onions of course), which I had flown in on my private jet right after I bought the restaurant chain earlier in the day.”

14. Brittenelle Fredericks

“I would’ve started my own no kill animal shelter!”

15. Bo Koehler

“The first thing would’ve been a private jet for myself.”

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