Help, I’m Having Sex With A Prude!

While we all know that men are all the same at the end of the day, we still relish in all their quirks, strange habits, and “unique” moves in bed. Sometimes these moves they try to pull are freaky and fun, other times we wonder what porno they were watching to ever think that it was a good idea. But what about when the guy we’re seeing is a total dud who is so straight-forward in bed that he seems like an instructional video? What about when he has little to no experience in bed at all?

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Sex may seem like the one thing we don’t need to worry about with guys, I mean that’s the thing they’re supposed to be interested in while they pretend to listen to our rants about the latest episode of Scandal, right? However, if a guy feels that he isn’t as experienced as you, or was brought up in a conservative household, you may feel like you’re not getting the whole package (no pun intended).

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First off, you need to figure out what exactly is your current boo thang’s deal. Is he just in-experienced? Or is he actually pulling a Nick Jonas and going all celibate until marriage? (apparently these guys still exist)

Galore Mag - Prude Sex

If he’s just inexperienced and vanilla, he might have not ever had a constant f*** buddy before, and therefore, no one whoever felt comfortable/ cared enough to tell him that his love-making was sub-par. But you, my dear, are that special lady who needs to do the deed. Besides, don’t you want to be having more orgasms?

Clearly, you need to be clever about this, because guys get VERY sensitive about their sexual prowess. But, guys also like a chick that is vocal in bed, and LOVE a girl that is adventurous in bed, you just have to show him that you’re game.

Deviously tell him some things that you want to try with him. Something like, “I’ve been fantasizing about you doing _______ to me” or “I’ve always wanted to try _______, it would be so hot with you.” If you need him to work some more magic in bed? Something simple like “Don’t stop touching me there, it feels amazing” should do the trick.

Galore Mag - Prude Sex

But, what about if your guy is one of the rare breeds that isn’t about getting down and dirty just yet? If he’s the prince of Nova Scotia, showers you with Cartier bracelets, and bears a cunning resemblance to Marlon Brando circa 1950, keep him around and invest in a luxury vibrator. If not? Unless you’re on board with his beliefs, it’s not fair for him to keep you in orgasm denial. Let’s be honest, how many guys would do the same for you if the roles were reversed? If you’re not getting married to him anytime soon, I’d say “sayonara” and know that the sex would suck eventually anyways.

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