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IMG_1545Question. Do y’all savoir (“to know” in French) Heloise & the Savoir Faire? How’d I do on my French there? If not, they’re, yes, a New York-based electro-rock outfit. BUT don’t you DARE roll your “I’m not a hipster” eye balls — H&S are the real deal. They brew up some magical witchy synth pop gem greatness which will get you shaking your ass all night long. Especially with their forthcoming LP, titled awesomely ‘Diamond Dust,’ which apparently overflows with sometimes shadowy, sometimes sunny synth-y ’80s-tinged dance pop, and which you can pre-order right here. Okay, and don’t even get me started on the spitfire of a front woman, Heloise Williams, whose vocals are like candy-flavored cocaine. I’m also addicted to the peroxide-heavy hair and her affinity for a zany pseudo eyelash texture/length/color and — the amazingness that I think I spotted on a Google Image search — sparkling stage ponchos. You go, girl. Here’s another plus: she is HILARIOUS. Read on to giggle, and to get the deets on new music, a new tour, and the (spoiler alert) story behind choosing to marry then KILL Kate Bush to only get remarried to Kylie Minogue. Calm down, you guys. It’s just a silly game of Marry, F***, Kill.

What’s the last really great dance song you heard?
Well, I just heard this remix of a Mary J Blige song. I shazzamed it. “Love in Zanzibar” by Perseus. I LOVE her vocal and the track is super sexy and lush.  It’s a little more of a slow jam then a pogo around the room number . . . 🙂
And the last shit one?
HA!!!!  That will. i. am Britney one about walking in the club is AMAZEBALLS.  I actually love how dumb it is.  Britney’s “British” accent is genius AND the production is sick. I guess I kind of like it???????

Ditto. Okay, so. You get to work with any songwriter for a session. Who would it be? Dead or alive or kind of alive?
For a second there I read . . . The Dead and I was like yeah . . . I’d love to work with The Grateful Dead or Neil Young. Ummm, but I think I’d rather work with a production team . . . like Daft Punk.

I spy tour dates! How excited are you? Have you played any of the new material for crowds yet and if so – what’s the reaction been like?
I’m SUPER PUMPED for tour.  It’s going to be a huge tour . . . 5 weeks!!!!  HELP ME GOD!! Yes I’ve played some of the new material for peeps around here and the reaction has been really positive.  Particularly, I would say on “Vibezz” because it has this big drop and then the beat comes back in.  I get a lot of fist pumps which of course .. . I love.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Hmmmmm well I guess a vodka soda and then if I’m feeling particularly cagey or need some new oxygen . . . I like to fake box.  And by that I mean I like to have someone put their hands up and then I do a little ‘Rocky’ punching thing.
That’s amazing. What can you spill about ‘Diamond Dust’ — why the title?
OH well this is a can o’ worms… but basically I suppose it’s the idea that the human body is made of carbon and ALSO obviously diamonds are made of carbon.  But we humans end up turning into dirt.  So I guess the moral of the story is let’s not be  so HARD on ourselves??!!  No, that’s a terrible nonsensical play on words.  When I was writing this record I was also going back to school doing some pre-med classes.  I was actually working in a lab that studied the effects of music on the brain but I was super fascinated with human physiology.  We’re incredible.  It’s unbelievable how all these guts manage to work together but we’re also really vulnerable. I suppose it could also be read like… we humans posture and front a lot but we’re all just cream puffs underneath it all (texturally sort of?). That sounds disgusting.

Or yummy, maybe? So, if you had to describe the album as a color, which color would it be?
Honestly, it would have to be purple.

And as an animal? Leopard

As a superhero? Wonder Woman

As a fairytale? Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

If you could trade voices with another vocalist for a day, whose would it be?
Ooooooooh!!!  Ummmmm Celine Dion or Steve Perry . . . they both just hits these high notes so effortlessly.  ALSO Chaka Kahn — so much soul.

And what about dance moves?
AXL ROSE!  I got to see him perform recently.  He did some of his signature hovering swizzle and I nearly fell off my chair.  Amazing.

Let’s play marry f** kill…. Kate Bush, Madonna, Kylie Minogue.

I feel like Madonna would be great in bed.  Obviously no matter what you were into . . . she could deliver. Kate Bush seems like someone you could have some long philosophically interesting conversations with sooooo . . . marry?  BUT I LOVE KYLIE MINOGUE.  She seems like a real girlfriend type.  SOLID, so I don’t want to kill her.  She’s so gorgeous.  Maybe Kate would become annoying after awhile and I’d kill her and then remarry with Kylie?  I feel terrible now.

And back to the album — it’s been years since your last release… What can we expect?
Christ on a crutch! Yes, it’s been foreverzzzz.  Lyrically this is a slightly less tongue in cheek album.  This is going to sound odd maybe but I thought about death a lot while writing this record (not because of any health issues just philosophically becoming more comfortable with it.) So this is really a dance album about death in a nutshell.  Not in any kind of nihilistic way more like let’s LIVE IT UP AND CELEBRATE and FEEL because we’re all going to die.

Last but not least… favorite lyric from a tune on the album? Your heart beats out the rivers and into the oceans.

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