Ever Wonder What Happened To The Lingerie From ‘Wicked Games’??

Model, mother, photographer, and now, lingerie designer– Helena Christensen is truly a woman of many talents. The former supermodel has recently teamed up with 127-year-old European lingerie brand, Triumph, to create a line of fine under garments available exclusively in the US called, “Helena Christensen for Triumph”. We caught up with Helena (who BTW is still so PHENOMENAL looking it almost hurts) to talk about the line and what she’s been up to lately..

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What inspired your collection with Triumph?

I found this book in an antique market by this photographer and I started researching all his photography and was hugely inspired by that– for the shoots, for the shapes, for the positions– but what I wanted to do was a modern interpretation of that. The elastic pieces were inspired by Herve Leger, whom I used to work with back with in the day. Seamstresses would taper those elastic pieces around your body piece by piece; so that every part of you was accentuated in the right way, either to highlight your feminine shape or to hide the parts you wanted to hide. So it actually came to that they’ve always made those dresses, it’s what that house does, they don’t do anything else. Its kind of cool that they follow their strength and I thought maybe I could take that and do lingerie piece with the same method.

How did you come up with the color and texture scheme?

The hues and tones are inspired by the North of Denmark, just before it sets on the horizon; it gives off this dusty, pinkish glow in the summertime when the sun barely sets, and the water is a mixture between Emerald green and dark blue. Everything was inspired by nature and what happens in nature– light, water, and the shape of the body– that’s what was rattling around in my brain and then I condensed it into something a little more premise. As far as the lace, I feel like there’s a little ballet girl in everyone. I think whether you’re three or forty or eighty, you’ll always be drawn to those feminine, almost theatrical, ballet pieces. Then again, I love a little waist and full hips, so I used the elastic bands for that as well. Plus, for me, it’s kind of important that there’s a bit of a balance so its not all romantic, but there is also something that breaks it a little bit and gives it an edge.

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As one of the original supermodels, what do you think of the new crop of girls today?

I love every single girl that’s in this business because there are so many different types, personalities, and backgrounds­– I mean its just a mix of interesting looking girls from all different parts of the world. I love how it’s more diverse these days. Back in the day, before me even, it was very much that classic blonde, natural, pretty look. Now, that can go in any direction– you can look quirky, you can look peculiar, you can look beautiful. It’s also very important, I think as well, a girl can express herself through her body language and expression. You can really see the girl’s personalities shine through in the pictures these days; it’s not just about aesthetic. It’s so much more about the girl herself adding a third dimension to the images. I feel the modeling business is still the same in many ways, but also evolving is some ways, and I think that’s what its all about, it keeps going around in circles. You’ll always end up somewhere, more or less, where it all started. You see the pictures from the book that inspired this collection and you think they’re timeless, elegant, iconic and beautiful in a very serene way. I think the new looks in some images today are so hardcore and edgy, but somehow it always comes around. I love those girls, and it’s so great that I can model and shoot. I get to work with the girls and I still get to be photographed, so that’s cool.

Whatever happened to the lingerie from Chris Issak’s video for “Wicked Games”?

I didn’t get to keep those, though I should’ve. If I had known how iconic that became we could’ve raised a lot of money for charity with those dirty underwear. You just gave me a great idea for the next collection! But actually, those were a completely generic, high waisted, body shaping underwear…It could’ve been Triumph!

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Interview by: Jeremy McClain

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