Heartsrevolution Talk New Video & New Album

Rockers, Heartsrevolution, give us insight into their music and their recent video for Kiss. The acclaimed duo prove why their one of the best and rising pop acts today. Their full album Ride of Die will be release April 15th, which we’re all very excited about. Check out their interview with us below!


How did heartsrevolution come together?
Read this to find out the story of Heartsrevolution

How would you describe your music?
Rock & roll dance music

Where does the name come from?
It’s a reference from an old riot grrrl band, Huggy Bear (UK) and their song, Her Jazz which talks about boy/grrrrl revolutionaries.

What are the major differences between you all in the band?
Lo is wild.
Ben is not.
We are complete opposites and the perfect balance to one another.

What does each person bring to the band?
Lo brings heart.
Ben bring soul.
And for the live show Terry brings rhythm.

You’ve worked with some awesome people, who have been your favorites?
Chris Zane – He co-produced our record. He is funny and miserable and the perfection combination of both. Chris has done albums for Passion Pit, Holy Ghost and The Walkmen so it was hard to find time to get us on his schedule and we thought we would be rushed but he ended up doubling the time and working on our record for months.


Just Blaze is another good guy. It was refreshing to see someone so successful take time out of his busy schedule to help out a couple of punk kids. He worked on our mixtape, Revolution Rising last year. We owe him one.

Who would you like to work with next?
Rick Rubin and Dave Pensado.

Who are you guys listening to right now?
Michael Jackson.

Tell us about kiss and the video inspiration
It’s a modern day love story. We had been trying to do a boy/boy love story for years. In fact, we paid an manga animator to create an anime music video of 2 boys in love 4 years ago, he took the $ and stopped replying to emails. It was important for us to see it though.


What’s coming up next?
Ride or Die! Full length album April 15th and touring in our magical ice cream truck!
and more Street He(art)


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