Sorry But Natural Sugar Is No Healthier For You Than the Regular Stuff

Dieting is confusing.

Half the time you think you’re making good decisions by opting for natural and organic foods. But in reality, that might not make a ton of difference, at least not where weight loss is concerned.

Take juice cleanses and avoiding gluten, for example. Both of these are kind of BS. And as it turns out, “natural” sugars like Sugar in the Raw, agave, or honey also won’t actually help you slim down.

In fact, “natural” sugars like honey are treated the same way by your body as high-fructose corn syrup, scientists say.

Tech Insider recently compiled a list of 101 health and science “facts” that are actually false, and lo and behold, one of them had to do with sugar.

From TI:

… Sugar in natural products like fruit and synthetic products like candy is the same: “Scientists would be surprised to hear about the ‘clear superiority’ of honey, since there is a near unanimous consensus that the biological effect of high-fructose corn syrup are essentially the same as those of honey,” professor Alan Levinovitz [said].

So next time you think treating yourself to an agave-sweetened gluten free cookie means you’re sticking to your diet, think again. It’s not as fun or marketable, but the better option if you’re trying to lose weight is always good old-fashioned moderation.

But hey, there’s good news here: you can totally save your cash and your tastebuds by eating regular old junk food if you’re dying for some sugar and don’t care about health and dieting. So, silver lining… kind of.


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