Hayley Kiyoko Explores The Many Colors of Love In “Cliff’s Edge” Video

With the release of new music video “Cliff’s Edge”, rising star-of-all-trades Hayley Kiyoko showed off her acting skills and sophomore directorial effort, all to the tune of a very sexy song. Her first video she co-directed, “Girls Like Girls” put Hayley on the map, while she explored the idea of what she’s said is the “coolest idea ever”—a girl stealing another guy’s girlfriend, rather than a dude doing it. With “Cliff’s Edge”, she’s taking it a step further and exploring what happens once you get into a relationship, and how to stay there. Premiere the video below, and check in with Hayley about her process of directing, writing songs, and looking back at the fashion choices she made in high school.

How has the response to “Cliff’s Edge” been so far?

I’ve just been so happy and touched by people’s response to the video. I didn’t know how people would connect to it—I mean, everybody connects to the experience of being in a relationship, and the highs and lows that come with that. I put a lot of pressure on myself after “Girls Like Girls” blew up, so it was definitely challenging in that sense—I directed the video, and acted in it, and ‘m super happy with how it turned out.

Do you see yourself directing more often?

I love directing! I directed “Girls Like Girls” because I have a really specific vision of what I’m looking for in the edit room. I always loved music videos that told stories and had a narrative to them. Being unsigned and having to create my own resources has been really exciting in terms of my learning process—I had to teach myself to crack different codes, and I feel that “Cliff’s Edge” really succeeded in that.

What’s your favorite music video? What’s your favorite love song?I don’t know.

Maybe “Daydreamer” by Adele, for favorite love song? I love a lot of Flying Lotus videos.  I’m always like, how did he do this?  His videos are insane.

Which artists have influenced your work today?

Growing up, I listened to a lot of ’90s era female artists. That’s definitely what has influenced a lot of my work, and especially the EP that I released this year, This Side of Paradise. I feel like it’s most authentic-ly “me”, which is what you’re constantly trying to do with your work, and your sound, you know? I’m always trying to put my personality in my work, and I’m realizing that I’m the direction I want to be in. And a lot of that is from music I listened to when I was younger.

Can you give us some idea of signature ‘Hayley Kiyoko’ looks?

Oh man [laughing]. I mean, I love dressing up for sure, and I’m really into fashion and beauty, but I’m definitely more of a sweatpants girl. In high school, I would buy multiple colors of the same Dickies pants and wear them every day. My friends would be like, oh, there’s Hayley, being crazy with her pants again!

That sounds awesome, we should bring that trend back.

My friends would totally kill me if I did it, but it was awesome, you should do it! That’d be awesome. And then you can say, Hayley taught me [laughing].


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