Galore Recipes: Elizabeth Minett from Haut Appétit

Our favorite fashion foodie, Elizabeth Minett from Haut Appétit, is bringing us some of her most delicious and delectable recipes straight from her kitchen and we simply can’t wait any longer to share them with all of you! This week, Elizabeth shows us how to make Deep-Fried Nutella Wontons (*DIES*)!!!! I don’t know about you ladies, but I think these just might be better than, well, ANYTHING EVER IN LIFE! Check out the recipe below and learn more about Elizabeth Minett in our Galore Diaries!

“Nutella. My love. It’s difficult enough to resist slathering it all over my body, but deep fried in a wonton? Irresistible.

Just the word Nutella conjures emotions and memories that are equally as shameful as they are ecstatic. The euphoria of eating a whole jar with a spoon, but keeping it your naughty little secret, is in itself the essence of Nutella. The guilty pleasure.

Enjoy.. my beauties.” -Elizabeth Minett


Deep-Fried Nutella Wontons

You will need…

20 round wonton wrappers (or however many you want to make)
1 jar (375g) of Nutella
2 bottles vegetable oil for the deep frying

To do…

Fill a small bowl with tap water. Take a wonton, and spoon 1 tsp of Nutella into the centre. Dip your finger in the water then run it around the edges of the wonton (this will help the wonton stick together when you fold it up).

Using your fingers, gather the edges of the wonton wrapper up around the Nutella, and pinch the wrapper together at the top. The Nutella will now be sealed in the wrapper. Set aside. Repeat this process with all remaining wrappers. I know its tempting, but try to resist putting too much Nutella in the centre of the wonton, otherwise it will ooze out of the wonton. Less is more in this case (I never thought I would say that in regards to Nutella.)

Fill a heavy, medium-sized pot with vegetable oil to about 2 inches high. Heat the oil on medium high heat until it reaches 325-350F/165-175C. You will know the oil is hot enough when you see some smoke coming off and the surface is rippling. Carefully plop the wontons into the hot oil for about 2mins until golden brown. Remove with aslotted spoon, and allow to cool on parchment paper. Eat warm!

Makes 20 Nutella wontons (but you can make as many as you like!)



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