Looks Like Petty Qwine Harry Styles Is Pulling a T Swift

In not-so-shocking news, it looks like Harry Styles has probably written a song about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, which is sad to me since it’s been five years since they dated and that’s a long time to still be feeling raw enough to write a song about an ex.

And we thought Taylor was the petty qwine in their relationship.

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Apart from the whole he was cute and she was hella famous part, I’ve never understood what brought Taylor Swift and Harry Styles together in the first place back in 2012.

She likes to dance in public like she’s six vodka sodas deep and post cat videos on Instagram and Harry hates to dance and likes to goof off when he should be working.

But Harry’s decisions thus far as a solo artist have shed a lot of light on what they have in common.

Contrary to Harry’s image while in One Direction, as a solo artist he seems remarkably sincere and serious.

For proof just look to:

A. His incredibly dramatic teaser trailer for his single
B. The fact that he even had a teaser trailer for his single
C. What said single, “Sign of the Times,” turned out to be
D. The artwork for his album
and E. the actual tracklist for the album which includes a song called “Ever Since New York.”

Fans are betting it’s about Taylor and you know what?

They’re probably not wrong.

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Taylor Swift is a famously proud New York resident and even though she wasn’t actually living in NYC when she dated Harry, the first time they were photographed together was while they were strolling along through Central Park, which as you probably know is one of the most famous tourist attractions in NYC.

Although TBH this isn’t even the first time he’s released a song that’s probably about Taylor.

One of One Direction’s last singles was a song called “Perfect” which was all about being the kind of trouble a girl could write break-up songs about and more or less had the same chorus as Taylor’s song “Style,” which everybody assumed was about Harry Styles.

But you know what?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have got to stop writing songs about each other.

Yes, it was a dramatic relationship, but maybe the reason why neither one of them has been able to make a relationship work since they dated each other is because they’re still kind of hung up on what went wrong.

Also, it’s getting old pretending to have to care about it.

Anyway, the song exists so get ready to read one million more headlines about it.

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