Harry Styles Has Some Epic Beauty Advice

Beauty fads and trends have swept over Hollywood, but they tend to leave us normal folks in disbelief. We like to blame celebs’ perfect looks on their genes, but perhaps it’s the treatments that leave them all glowing. Who is the latest celeb to reveal their beauty secret? None other than Harry Styles. Well, not exactly. His fabulous aesthetician, Louise Deschamps, told Grazia that Mr. Styles is a BIG fan of facials that use the stem cells of sheep placenta. I have to say, Harry has some pretty nice skin. Then again, he totally should considering his go to treatment costs $500 each time! How often does bae get his face right? Louise told the mag that he comes into Dr. Harold Lancer’s Beverly Hills clinic in LA every six weeks! Must be nice to live every Galore Girl’s dream. Hope the sheep placenta is worth it bro.

Galore Mag Harry Styles

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