Why Harry Hudson’s Friends Were ‘Confused’ by His New Single

Last time we talked with Harry Hudson, he told us the best thing he’s gotten out of the past three years is a support system of real friends. Now, after a year hiatus from music, Harry is back at it with his new single “Stop,” a stripped-down anthem where he refuses to be told in which direction he should go.

The singer talked to Galore about why he finally broke his musical silence, and what his close circle of friends thought when they first heard “Stop,” long before we did.

What made you go for a more stripped-down sound on this, with a more acoustic feel rather than something like “It Is What It Is?” 

Live instruments have so much emotion and feeling in them. I wasn’t feeling the music I was making after “IIWII” and I think a lot of that was because the synthetic instruments weren’t moving me anymore. I needed something real to inspire me.

You said you had to take a break from music for about six months to clear your head. When did “Stop” come to you? 

I was going through a depression and I was looking for my personal happiness. “Stop” came to me because I was at a breaking point with people influencing me in a way that wasn’t me. It inspired me to take a whole new direction with my songwriting and sound.

Is this a teaser of what some of the up-coming album might sound like? 

Yes, of course.

What did your friends think of the single? 

I played it for them the day before it came out and they were super confused because they didn’t think it was me, but they all love it. It makes me happy that they like it because that’s important to me.

Any hints on who you’re collaborating with on the album? 

MSFTS and very untraditional features.

Is “Stop,” in a way, breaking your music hiatus, and can we expect even more music from you soon?

I’m working on my album right now and I’ll be releasing music sporadically in the mean time. I don’t plan on ever taking a year away from music again.

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