Harley Huke created a squad we’d actually wanna join

Just when we were all scrambling to figure out how to be part of TSwift’s girl squad, a cooler and darker pop songstress has a few openings in hers. Now, it’s time for us to decide if we wanna chill with Tswift and be left in the dust, or upgrade in a major way to hang with Harley Huke.

Her single “Nothing But Trouble” was released a few months ago, and now she has a pretty sick dreamy pop music video to give us the visuals to go with the vibey tune. If you like all-things-neon and all the mystery that goes along with masquerade parties like the film “Eyes Wide Shut,” then this video has all the eye candy you’ve been waiting for.

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Not to mention, it features a whole squad of influencers you may know including super model Melanie Gaydos, The Voice singer Kota Wade , and make-up artist Ash known for her killer “ASHTOBERFEST” Halloween makeup tutorials, and model Caroline Smith, just to name a few. Directed by superbabe photographer and videographer Shelby Parks, this is def the upgraded squad that we should be applying for starting like, right now.

The tune was inspired by Harley’s ideas of seeing people in her life always playing it too safe, and the video has all the gothic pop get-you-in-the-mood-for-halloween vibes you could ask for, so check it out here and peep the Q&A below with our new queen, Harley Huke.

Where did the name Harley Huke come from?

Harley Huke is my real name! My first name is inspired/taken from Harley Davidson — the whole motorcycle world has always been a huge part of my life and my family. My grandpa has owned a motorcycle shop for as long as I can remember — motorcycles have always been a part of who I am.

 Who are some of your influences?

Banks, The 1975,  Pvris, Tove Lo, and Lorde

If you were to describe your sound, what would it be?

Lorde meets Harley Huke XD [Laughs]

 What inspired you to write “Nothing But Trouble”?

My co-writer, producer and I all sat in the studio and started bouncing ideas back and forth — and the phrase nothing but trouble came up. Something about that really stuck out to me. The inspiration for the song really came from the idea that people tend to play it too safe in life, often times people find themselves in a situation that they just deal with — whatever situation they’re in because it’s safe.  

All my life decisions have been really risky, with moving and following my dream — that decision was definitely one that I’m still fighting myself with because following this dream made me miss a lot of really important moments with my family. But my heart is here [in Los Angeles], my dreams and basically everything that I am —even though sometimes it’s “Nothing but Trouble.”  

 How did the idea for the video come about?

The video’s concept/idea ties into a much larger concept for my music, and my vision. I have a narrative surrounding my songs and creative content that I want to tell, so NBT’s video exists sometime within the narrative of my concept.

How does the storyline of the video tie into the song?

The video is set in a secret club that exists in the world / fictional city of Vexillum, a monarchy where everyone is taught/forced to conform to the ideas/images of their ruler. This club is a place where those who exist within Vexillum but want to be themselves and not follow the rules of society — they can get away and be the person they want to be. Those who are apart of this gathering/club all bare the moon symbol (the waning crescent, which symbolizes new beginnings). In the video, the main girl ( @atleeey) is being welcomed/initiated into the club, and she’s a “clone,” and she comes into the club, and takes off her wig, and is welcomed to the rebellion.

 Does the song have any special meaning to you?

To me, the song represents how I am following my dreams despite what everyone else said, I’m going to do things my way, even if it’s “nothing but trouble.” At times, music might not be the best thing for me it’s where my heart is, and it’s the only thing that I have.

 How did you decide which friends to include in your squad for the video?

My friend ( & also director ) sat down and kinda just chose everyone who was unique, and who weren’t afraid to do their own thing in their own lives.

 Have you been friends with the girls in the video? How did they feel about being included in the video?

Yes, we’re all friends — most of us got a lot closer after we shot the video.

What are your top five makeup products at the moment? What is one makeup secret tip that is pretty helpful that we should know?

Anastasia Dip Brow, Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, Stila Patina Liquid lipstick, Becca Highlighter (in Moonstone), and Sephora brand liquid eyeliner.

What is your current go-to concert outfit? Shoes? Makeup look? Hair vibe? Sunglasses? Bag?

I basically live in tennis skirts, so anytime I do anything I wear a tennis skirt. I’m obsessed with my Docs, a good pair of booties, and a bralette or a crop top.

 Any rules for staying in the squad? Anything that you would kick someone out for?

BE YOUR PERFECT AWESOME SELF. Anyone is welcome in my squad.

 What’s next for you?

I have a bunch of songs that I’ve been working on! I hope to have an EP out early 2018, and another single & video very soon.


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