Happy Birthday, Zayn Malik! His 23 Hottest Looks

Blink 182 may have taught us that nobody likes you when you’re 23, but we think Zayn Malik is a special case.

After all, #HappyBirthdayZayn started trending on Twitter before his birthday even began. And honestly, can we even blame our fellow tweeters? I don’t think any of us mind seeing photos like this on our timeline…

In case you’re not on Twitter to view the ex-One Directioner in all his tattooed glory, we’ve decided to count down his 23 best looks in honor of his birthday.

Tom and Lorenzo

Rocking Alexander McQueen, Zayn looks like a beautiful cross between Travis Barker of Blink 182 and your favorite Disney prince at the Straight Outta Compton premiere in Los Angeles.


Isn’t it comforting to know that even someone as perfect as Zayn Malik can’t help but put on a duck face when posing for a selfie with a fan at the ‘This is Us’ premiere?

Huffington Post

Remember when Zayn went platinum blonde for Paris Fashion Week? We’re not sure if blondes have more fun, but we’d be willing to ask Zayn about it.

Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

What about that one time Zayn got snapped by the paparazzi while wearing a stretchy headband and made us completely forget about the man-bun hype?


In a perfect world, you’d be there to gently brush that alfafa hair out of his eyes (and maybe kiss him afterwards?).

Fan Pop

What’s better than Zayn Malik? Zayn Malik holding a puppy?


That one time where Zayn Malik looked really disappointed and melancholic, but also incredibly beautiful and puppy-dog-esque.


If you look at this photo extra hard, you can almost imagine that Zayn is really bringing those perfect pink flowers to you this Valentine’s Day.


You know how the majority of guys have that awkward problem where they can’t smile naturally in pictures? This photo is a prime example of the perfection of Zayn Malik’s candid smile.


When Zayn Malik stepped out in West Hollywood in this jacket, we weren’t sure if we wanted to be with Zayn Malik for his dashing looks, or so that we could snag that leather jacket for our walk of shame.

Ib Times

You know what they say about a guy who’s close to his mama… Ahem, boyfriend material!


Is he channeling a cowboy or Rosie the Riveter? We’re not quite sure, but he looks great.


How to make the happiest place on earth even happier? Add in Zayn Malik making a kiss-y face.

Lipstick Gallery

Just. Look. At. That. Vein.

Ali Express

Okay, so this isn’t actually a photo of Zayn Malik. But, if you’ve gotten this far down the thread, you’re going to appreciate this wall art from Ali Express.

Lipstick Alley

If you’ve got a thing for bad boys, this look takes the cake.

Huffington Post

If we all looked this good in a beanie, we wouldn’t be complaining about the recent cold front.

The Odyssey

In five years from now you may have forgotten about man buns, but you will never forget Zayn Malik’s effortlessly chic man ponytail with a headband.

Celebrity Hive

Zayn Malik at the 2015 Louis Vuitton show reminds us all why the fashion house is always relevant.

Celebrity Hive

If you ever thought that bleached blonde spiked hair died in the early 2000’s, you were clearly wrong. Zayn pulls off the look effortlessly while at the Soho House in NYC this  month.

Celebrity Buzz

As if you weren’t already jealous of Kylie Jenner enough, this is what Zayn wore to her eighteenth birthday.


When FADER Magazine made us literally want to be orange juice.


Happy 23rd Zayn! Here’s to another year of your sexiness.

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