On Her Birthday, 4 Reasons We Love Lara Stone

From her quirky good looks to her pinup model body, birthday girl and well-known Dutch supermodel Lara Stone is certainly someone to gawk over. But it isn’t just her impressive genetics that make her a supermodel in our eyes. Here’s four reasons why Lara Stone is one of the most fabulous, ever:

1. Her Gap Toothed Grin: The gap tooth has gone from being seen as a physical flaw to being one of the features to look for on any up and coming young model. Lara possesses one of the most delectable gap toothed grins we have seen since the original dentally challenged supermodel Lauren Hutton. Hopefully her future child will inherit those chompers of hers.

2. Pregnancy Becomes Her: Lara and her husband, comedian David Walliams welcomed a baby boy last spring, but our favorite part of the pregnancy was the way that Ms. Stone blew every other celebrity out of the water with her own nude pregnancy portrait by artist Marc Quinn.


3. Those Curves: It’s well known fact that plus-size in the modeling industry does not equal plus-size for us mortals, but this doesn’t stop the fashion industry from looking down upon plus sized models as a lesser employee. Lara Stone blew this method of thinking out of the water by showing off that bangin’ bod with all of the ferocity of a wild cat. New body image icon? Lara Stone.

4. She’s One Of The Top Ten Highest Paid Models: Lara Stone is number eight on Forbes list of the top ten highest paid models. It takes strength of personality, elasticity of the body and a stare that pierces the soul. Happy birthday Lara Stone, you possess all of these.


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