Happy Birthday Harry Styles! His 10 Sexiest Moments Before He Was Legal

Ah, they grow up so fast, don’t they? One minute we’re casually fantasizing about how we wanna be your sugar mama, the next you’re able to buy your new boy toy an alcoholic beverage WITHOUT being chased by the cops, hooray! While I’m sure Harry Styles had no problem getting his hands on booze prior to his 21st birthday, we like to think that the fact that he’s legal makes it much more likely for us to run into him casually at a bar some weekend. We celebrate Mr. Styles B-day with his sexiest moments.

1. When he twerked at the Teen Choice Awards


As if this moment could be more perfect, check out Darren Criss (beatboxing?) in the background.

2. When he emulated white girls everywhere


Is there a Starbucks skinny vanilla Frappucino in the background somewhere?

3. When he snapped a pic with our other (legal) man-crush


Our vaginas can’t handle this picture at once

4. When he went to the gym 


If we could see this everyday, we would be much more inclined to workout ourselves.

5. When he was pantsed abruptly


See, how come if we did that we’d be escorted out by security?

6. When he got a lap dance and was a little confused


Oh Harry, we remember our first strip club experience too… we’ll hold your hand next time.

7. When he seduced us with fruit


Maybe more for the gays then the ladies..

8. When he seduced us with hand gestures


My neck.. my back..

9. When he kissed a boy and he liked it 


The feels.

10. When he was domestic as f***


And in his underwear to boot (which looks strangely sequined?)

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