Happy Birthday, Dolly Parton: A Look Back at Her Iconic Style

Dolly Parton and her incredible aesthetic turned 70 today.

We’ve assembled some of her best looks to remind the world that in addition to being a national treasure musically, she also epitomizes American-glam dressing. Like America itself, sometimes Dolly’s style can seem like a bit much — but you wouldn’t change it for anything.

If you aren’t familiar with Dolly, all you need to see is this TV performance of her hit “Jolene.” Her voice and charisma are on point. She also shows off a serious DGAF attitude by casually calling an audience member a “red-headed hussie” just before getting into the first few bars of the song.

Okay, got it? Now let’s begin.

Sparkles are a major component of Dolly’s look.

She’s also not afraid to show some thigh.

But she can also do the sweet-and-innocent thing when she feels like it.

Her hair is usually tall AF.

Red talons are often an integral part of their look.


Shoulder pads, too, should be roughly as big as one’s hair.

It takes someone seriously stylish to upstage a bunny this terrifying.

Is this a Santa outfit? Does it matter?

Even in more recent decades, Dolly has retained her signature style while working in new trends.

And even back in the 70s, she was ahead of her time.

All images via Tumblr.

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