Hanna Beth Spills Mermaid Hair Secrets

Hanna Beth is a major model on the LA scene with the personal style of a goth Barbie. We love her tats, jet black hair and most of all her radiating confidence. We talked to Hanna about finding her personal style, commanding the wardrobe on photoshoots, and the secret to achieving mermaid hair. It’s not as hard as it looks…
What are your 3 tips for finding your personal style?
Stay true to yourself, don’t be afraid to try something new and trends fade, you don’t have to follow them to have good style, just be yourself!
Has there ever been a time on a shoot where you had to put your foot down about not wearing something?
Hmm.. there have been a few times where I have been on shoots and felt uncomfortable in the clothes. If it’s a campaign or brand I am shooting for, I usually won’t say anything because it’s their vision and they hired me to be there. If I am doing a shoot that is supposed to be representing me and my style, then I always say if I am not digging something. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’s going to show in the photo. I would rather say something and have a good photo than be quiet and regret it later.
What are your tips for keeping hair healthy despite constant dye?
Take vitamins and drink lots of water! If you’re healthy and take care of yourself, it will show! You can get biotin, which is a good vitamin for hair growth. Also, coconut oil is amazing! Whenever my hair is feeling a bit dry, I will leave some coconut oil on for about an hour. It makes a big difference!
How can girls get the perfect long mermaid hair?
Extensions! Just get some clip-in ones… they’re easy to put in and you never have to fully commit.
What pieces are you gonna be living in this spring/summer?
I have been trying to wear more color! This spring/summer I will definitely be in lots of rompers! I can’t say no to a good one piece. I just got an amazing tie dye one from Wildfox that I am in love with. I am also in love with a good basic baby doll style dress. My babe Nikki at Luxury Jones on Melrose makes amazing ones from vintage fabrics, so I always stock up when the weather starts to get a bit warmer.
What’s one trend you wish would go away and never come back?
Flower crowns.. I am so sick of them. And the wedge sneaker: never liked them, never will.
Favorite thing you’ve ever worn on a shoot?
These AMAZING Vivienne Westwood boots that I wore for my spread in Fault Magazine.
What are your tattoo tips?
You can’t have regrets with tattoos. It’s a commitment you take to the grave, so make sure it’s something you want and not just a spur of the moment decision. BUT, if you already have a handful of tattoos, sometimes those random, out of the blue tats end up being your favorite! Everyone is different.
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