Halsey Shows Some Skin and Major Confidence in New ‘Playboy’ Shoot

Halsey, as you probably know, isn’t just a collaborator on Justin Bieber’s new album, she’s also a rising star in her own right. Her debut album Badlands is full of raw and powerful songs, addressing everything from sex, angst, and heartbreak in the most unabashed way. Bisexual and biracial, Halsey doesn’t fit neatly into a box and doesn’t feel the need to, she really doesn’t care about labels. In her new feature for Playboy Magazine’s ‘Becoming Attraction’ feature, Halsey looks hot as hell and casually throws out a line like “My confidence grew from being intelligent, from being sexual. Put me on stage in front of 100,000 people if you want—you can’t scare me.” Wearing a Calvin Klein set and a black cut-out bodysuit, Halsey exudes pure badass vibes, proving that even though Playboy no longer does full nudes, she can make a shoot borderline NSFW. See the full feature shot by Josh Reed here and watch the Behind the Scenes video here.


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