This Halloween photo series praises the goddess within women

Female sexual power has been praised and desired…yet feared and condemned since the dawn of time. 





We have spent far too long minimizing and masking our sexual selves. Taking back our power means choosing to engage in the delightful dance between dwelling in darkness and radiating in light. Join the sexual revolution of the Goddess this Halloween.

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In this shoot we cheekily touch upon woman as she devils, taking back our sexuality and knowing we can use that power for good or evil. Check out this amazing photo series, and don’t forget about touching upon your inner goddess this Halloween season!


Creative & Art Direction and Words by Nicla DiCosmo

Modeling by Molly Constable

Photography by Kirsten Bode

Makeup by Stephanie Perez

Hair by Kirsten Bode

Styling by Karen Perez

Studio space: Suite3studios

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