Hailey Clauson Sports Illustrated 7 Hottest Moments

Love and Lemons model Hailey Clauson is an actual goddess. The blonde bombshell is a modern day Bridgitte Bardot with the attitude to match— and she’s not afraid to show it off. From body confidence to crystal wisdom (she wears a quartz rock around her neck for the good vibez), everyone can use a dose of Hailey in their lives. Since popping into the fashion industry six years ago, she has produced some of the most flawless and inspirational high fashion shots we’ve ever seen. Recently, it seems like everyone’s noticing our #WCW. Hailey babe is spreading like wildfire and we’re not mad about it! Today, she was announced as SI Swim Rookie #7 (saving the best for last, we see)! In honor of the 7th Rookie, we’ve gathered her 7 best model moments EVER. If we could look into Miss Clauson’s crystal ball, we’d predict that the mega-babe will be all over your Instagram newsfeed in 2015. Can’t wait.









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