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It’s no secret that our covergirl, & Love and Lemons bombshell, Hailey Clauson is a babe. With her beachy blonde hair, bombshell body and Brigitte Bardot era cat eyes, she is the kind of girl who could be a 1950’s pinup, or a modern day dream girl. After making a plash as a 15 year old in the high fashion world with runway shows such as Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and Lanvin, she dropped off the face of the earth for a good while. Her youth, though ironically one of the things which made her so in demand, was a source of controversy when she wound up on the runway for Diane Von Furstenberg (a vocal activist against underage modeling) and an “inappropriate” image of her was used on a T-shirt at Urban Outfitters. It wasn’t just that though, Hailey was growing up and developing the fantastic figure which we love her for today. After taking some time off to reinvent herself as the babe we know her to be, she is back and taking the modeling world by storm. Below she speaks about her experiences modeling, growing into a woman, and what she plans to do next!

On being a young model in the business: “The fashion world loves to hear about a young model… even Brooke Shields, back in the day. At the time, I didn’t really understand why it was such a big deal”

On coming to love her new, adult body: “I was like, “OK, this is how I look now — I can’t be 16-year-old Hailey anymore.”

On her love of the fashion industry: “I started so young. I was so interested in fashion and photography — I was an eighth grader and I knew everything.”

On coming off older than 19: “I’ve always been kind of mature for my age. On jobs, you can’t sit in the corner and not talk to people. You’re hanging out with people twice your age. Even just living in New York, you grow up so quick.”


On what she sees for her future: “I would love to somehow get involved with a program to help young girls with their confidence — and young boys, too. I was bullied in high school for being tall and awkward, and I can relate to a lot of kids in that sense. It would be nice to find something like that. “

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