Coachella 2015: HAERTS Talk Channeling Adrenaline & Commanding The Stage

HAERTS first won our affection with their shimmering, cinematic, electro-pop sound on songs such as “All The Days” & “Hemeplegia”. What further sealed the deal to our love for them? Their stunning debut record. The band somehow managed to get us dancing while simultaneously moving us to tears – it’s all very confusing. What isn’t confusing is our addiction to their music and intense girl crush on lead singer, Nini Fabi. We chatted with Nini about her plans to dominate Coachella through fashion, a love for her craft and just good ol’ fashioned adrenaline. Check it out, below!

Galore Mag - Coachella 2015 -  Governors Ball - Nini Fabi - Haerts - Columbia

Who will you be listening to on your pre-Coachella playlist during your flight to Cali?

I’ve been listening to a lot of the Kendrick Lamar record recently and I’m also obsessed with Björk‘s new record. I’ve been listening to this band Alvvays too.

Who are you most-excited to see perform at Coachella?

I finally get to see a lot of bands I have loved for a long time but never have gotten the chance to see. I really want to see The War On Drugs. I really want to see Sturgill Simpson, whose record I really really love. Todd Terje, and obviously we have to check out AC/DC. They’re playing the same day as us.

What’s the key to surviving and thriving as a band at a music festival?

I think it’s just a different kind of performance – everywhere you perform is a different environment and I think a festival environment is really special. You really just have to take it all in and enjoy it as much as you can, especially when you’re at a festival like Coachella. You have to do a show that’s different than any other show. You just know that everything is going really quick and make the best of it. The people are in such good moods at festivals, as well. You just get a completely different vibe.

Coachella sets can bring in some really huge audiences – where do you summon your confidence to perform like a badass onstage?

For me it’s always been going onstage and performing – it’s not always a thing to be 100% confident and ready to perform. There’s always an element of adrenaline or stage fright. The thing I love the most is that energy with both of those feelings to do what you love the most. You never know what’s going to happen when you go on and it’s that adrenaline, in a way, that makes a show. For me, it’s really about being yourself and going onstage showing everything you have – if you don’t give everything the audience can’t either.

Last year at Governors Ball you wore a gorgeous blue full-length dress. Any plans to top that for Coachella 2015?

I have to pick out these things in advance because I’m really bad at shopping. I don’t like to bring a lot of things when I travel so I need to pick them before and not think about it. I’ll be wearing one of my favorite designers from a New York a brand called, Nomia. She’s so talented and I’ve been obsessed with her clothing and working with her for both weekends.

Galore Mag - Coachella 2015 - Governors Ball - Nini Fabi - Haerts - Columbia

What’s next for Haerts – please say another new record!?

First the West Coast for Coachella, a few shows there and then we’ll be on the road performing. We’ll also be in the studio back working on new material and collaborating. I think there’s a lot of exciting things coming up.

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