Gwen Stefani’s Eye Shadow Collab Will Replace Even Your ‘Naked’ Palette

Aside from getting festive for Halloween and covering Drake, one of our major style icons Gwen Stefani has been gearing up to release her first makeup product. Not only is Gwen a mother, TV personality, and singer, but she’s been working with cosmetic powerhouse Urban Decay to create an eye shadow palette with shades that even she wears on an daily basis. The UDxGwen palette is set to release later this month, on November 22, and contains 15 carefully-curated shades. In the various interview rounds Gwen has been doing, she’s very adamant about these shadows being a genuine extension of her artistry and style. In an interview with Refinery29, she spoke about her reasons behind the colors: “I wanted to do something that was real, that I would wear, so that’s what that palette is. So there are a lot of neutrals, but there aren’t a lot of people who can wear crazy [colors].”

She also told People, “Everyone in my life knows I absolutely love makeup. From a very young age, it was an artistic passion of mine, I actually used to be a makeup artist. I love wearing makeup and having so many ways to express myself through it. It’s my war paint.” So it’s no surprise that Urban Decay tapped Stefani for this killer collaboration. The brand, famous for its edgy aesthetic and intensely pigmented formulations, was founded in southern California, where Stefani is from, also of which Stefani has been a long time customer. Popsugar swatched and described each shade from the highly anticipated palette, which are as follows, and were named from Stefani’s lyrics and aspect of her life:

  1. Blonde, a pale beige with pink iridescent shift that’s great for highlighter
  2. Bathwater, a pale beige with gold pearl
  3. Steady, a medium rose with metallic gold shift
  4. Punk, the reddish-brown matte I mentioned that accentuates green and hazel eyes
  5. Baby, a cool metallic rose
  6. Anaheim, a light taupe-brown that’s one of the only matte shades in the palette
  7. Zone, another matte in a medium brown
  8. Serious, a smoky gray with iridescent floating pearl that helps add dimension to a regular smoky look
  9. Pop, a pale coral with iridescent sparkle
  10. Harajuku, a metallic blue-pink with iridescent microshimmer that works gorgeously with Punk
  11. Danger, a deep metallic royal blue with blue microsparkle
  12. 1987, a bright metallic yellow-gold

The remaining three shades are favorites that Stefani chose from the original Urban Decay collection, Skimp, Stark, and Blackout. If you are unsure of how to wear these, just take her direction, “[Study] is my base, I wear that on the lid, and then I’ll put [Baby] on the center and if I want more sparkle, I’ll put [Pop] on top. I’ll darken my crease with [Stark, Anaheim, and Zone] and [Skimp] is actually a color that they have that I used from them before — it’s kind of like a highlighter — and then [Blonde] is the real highlighter. I wanted to do some bright colors and only things that I would ever really wear — the pink [Harajuku] and then the gold [1987], because I wore gold a lot during Rock Steady.” and her kick-ass attitude— “I don’t think I have a philosophy, but I feel so lucky to be able to transform into different things and it’s self-expression! It doesn’t matter if it comes through music or clothes or whatever perfume you’re wearing — it’s a mood, it’s showing people who you are.” and you will for sure be rocking a great look. Do we dare to say UDxGwen might replace our coveted Naked palettes? Check it out for yourself below and decide!


Images via: Urban Decay & Stefani’s Instagram


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