Why Guys Should Buy Chicks Pizza Instead Of Drinks


Let’s be honest, we all know why boys buy us drinks- because they want to get us drunk (and horny) enough to bang them. While I respect their generosity, albeit ulterior motives, I’ve got to say that I’m not sure this really works in their favor anymore.

Not to say that I don’t appreciate a guy who buys me drinks, I certainly do. And I think every girl can agree that there’s not a single thing worse than a guy talking to you at the bar and not buying you a drink.

Yet, if you’re an attractive girl, there are probably multiple guys who buy you drinks in a night, and you probably don’t go home with any of them. Sure, you accept drinks from Danny, Kyle, and Pablo- but at the end of the night you’re going home to your true love- pizza.

And that brings me to pizza. Where are 90% of the chicks that aren’t getting laid going when the bar closes? To the nearest late night food spot.

If you buy a girl a drink, there’s certainly a chance that she’ll go home with you, but if you find her at the end of the night and ask her if she wants to get food- your chances go up by at least 5 times.

Why? Because at the end of the night a girl is probably already pretty drunk and horny and looking for food. She doesn’t want to “go back to your place and keep drinking” she wants mozzarella sticks in or around her mouth.

By offering her food, you seem like a nice (and SMART) dude, and it doesn’t come off as too forward. By the time you are done with said food, it’s probably too late for her to try to find her way home alone and she doesn’t see a problem having an adult sleepover with the dude who saved her night by purchasing cheesy fries.

Even if the dude’s attempt at this ends up in him watching a sexy ass girl stuff her face with pizza, she will probably remember him as the dude who made her Friday night rather than the guy who awkwardly tried to shove her into his Uber when the bar closed.

Be the nice guy! Be the smart guy! Be the guy who gets the girl! Buy your next prospect drunk food instead of a watered down vodka-cranberry. You can thank me later.

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