What Guys Really Think Of Your Beloved 90’s Fashion

We all know that the looks from the 90’s are the ultimate “in” thing right now and everyone ranging from runway models to socialites refuse to let the trend die.

If you ask any girl, she’ll tell you that everything from chokers to overalls are totally hot. I was always under the impression that guys pretty much feel the same way. That was until I had a guy actually straight up tell me my fishnets were trashy. Trashy?!? Who are you?

This had me pretty PO’d for a while, but then I got to thinking. What do guys really think of the trends we find so hot? Do they think they’re hot too? Or do they think we look like a bunch of try hard hipsters? I went on the hunt for how guys feel deep down about our beloved 90’s looks. Peep below for some of our fav responses.

1. Chokers

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I don’t care what anyone says, I LOVE my chokers and I will never let them go. I personally think they’re totally trendy.

But, for some reason, many guys think that girls who wear chokers are automatically saying, “Hey! I’m into BDSM and I want to do you RIGHT now!” I found this out the hard way when some weird dude from high school dm’d me my selfie and wrote, “So you like chokers eh? ;)” GTFO.

Reddit user DanHero91 said, “I’m into goth/rock girls, so fuck yeah. Also 80% of them end up being into some crazy stuff.”

When asked if he liked chokers. Matthew37 agreed, but not so shockingly turned it super sexual. “I think they’re hot, generally. Especially if they’re leather and have a hook for a leash on them.” Then we have another guy, who completely surpassed any sense of fashion and went straight with, “Who doesn’t want to choke a bitch?” Fun!

While most guys felt similarly when I surveyed them, others felt the look reeked of desperation.  “Chokers are for the girl in the friend group who doesn’t get dick but pretends to.” Craig, 19 said. What does that even mean?

Though, not to worry ladies. Jack, 27, said he loves them because they “remind me of when I was younger and all girls wore them.” Kind of creepy, kind of nostalgic? Matt, 19, also said that they’re “hot af” and when I’d asked if he thought they were loaded with sexual innuendo like all the other guys did, he said, “Nah.” Five stars for you pal.

2. Fishnets

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Yeah, yeah, we know. Fishnets derive from  prostitutes and strippers. But c’mon, they look SO cute under jeans and are the perfect way to add a bit of edge to your outfit. I’m personally obsessed with them.

However, they also apparently insinuate that you are DTF at all times.

“Fishnets say, ‘Hey, I’m not looking to go home alone tonight,’” an anonymous survey user wrote. Actually I am. My night includes Netflix, takeout and zero inclusion of you.

Two of my friends agreed. They told me that they were, “Good but looks a lil slutty, reminds me of strippers lol.” Another said, “Fishnet tights are slutty to me. I’d steer clear of that.” *eyeroll.*

Reddit user chaingripped votes them “a huge YAY. 😉 Love those toes in the fishnets.” … Seems like we got a little off topic here.

Another reddit user,  says he “loves them” because they make “everything sexier.” Thanks dude, we appreciate you not making us feel violated with your comment.

3. Crop tops

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Cropped top. Belly shirt. Half shirt. Midriff shirt. Whatever you call them, crop tops are a look that has literally never died and are loved by everyone. That is, except for my high school art teacher who would ask me “where the other half of my shirt was” every time I wore one to class.

Nevertheless, they are pretty much universally approved of by everyone and I only got positive reception when I’d asked around about them.

“Crop tops will forever be in style.” Craig said. Matt also told me he gives them a “Hell yes. Sexy and stylish.” Anonymous survey users also agreed that they were “super, super hot.”

Although, some guys said it “depended on the girl.” Jack told me that he likes crop tops “as long as it works with the girl. Pregnant women shouldn’t be rocking crop tops lol.” Well, here’s hoping you never knock anyone up, Jack.

Strangely enough, Reddit was pretty quiet about the crop top scene. Oh well. We’re just glad no one found a way to sexualize this look.

4. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

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I literally can not explain how much I love this trend. It’s cute, totally comfortable, and can be worn a billion different ways. Although the style is technically referred to as “boyfriend jeans”, it’s always been pretty unclear whether or not your boyfriend actually digs this look.

Most guys I spoke to were into this style, as long as they weren’t “too ripped.”

“I like ripped jeans on girls but not when it’s too much. Then it’s like what’s the point of jeans?” Jack told me. Silly boys, thinking our clothes serve a practical purpose! Brad said ripped boyfriend jeans were for “the hipster chick who wants to be edgy and sexy.” Right on, dude.

Many survey users also voted them as “hot” as well. So, overall, your boyfriend digs your boyfriend jeans.

5. Overalls

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When I asked guys about overalls, they got like really angry.  

“If you’re not farming, DON’T wear overalls.” Jack said. “All I can think of is the nerdy girls in high school or farmers.” His opinion pretty much summed up the tone of thoughts on this look.

“HELL no. Just don’t do it.” Matt replied. “They’re tacky AF.” An anonymous survey user also concluded that they are “manly.” Damn. Did a crazed farmer kill these guys’ families or what?

Though Craig seemed to think they were pretty ok. “Overalls are for the artsy chic on a casual day.” Pretty specific, but we vibe with it.

6. Bodysuits

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Surprisingly enough, guys were REALLY enthusiastic about bodysuits. Like really enthusiastic. A friend of mine freaked the f*ck out when I asked him about this look.

“Bodysuits are super fucking sexy,” he said. “I fucked this girl and when she took her jeans off she had the unitard on and it was hot as fuck.” Chill out brah.

Another friend hopped on the train of excitement when I asked him if this look was hot. “Hell yes. They are sexy and stylish.”

In an anonymous survey, one dude got straight to the point. “They should come off.”  Whoa. Didn’t know a unitard got so many guys going.

7. Denim skirts

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Denim skirts have made rounds again and Galore is v excited about it. This look is the epitome of 90’s trends when rocked with a choker and crop tops. Although, guys don’t seem to share this excitement.

“I’m sorry, denim skirts go with overalls. They remind me of nerdy girls in middle school,” Jack said. “I’ll never see them any other way.” A little nerdy is good for everyone though, no?

Matt agreed, saying “Ehh, not so much,” when I’d asked if he thought denim skirts were hot. Have these dudes really not seen Christina Aguilera’s era of denim minis?!?

Some guys felt that they were hot, but only on certain conditions. Brad explained that “If your style is chic or boho, than the skirt works. But it’s definitely for skinnier girls.” Oh, okay Brad. I’m sure your body’s perfect, too.

Not to fear though, two anonymous survey users deemed them as “super hot.” We’d still wear them even if they didn’t though.

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