Guys’ and Girls’ Most Popular Emojis on Valentine’s Day Say So Much

Ever since the dawn of smileys, the winky face has had the ability to take a completely casual text into something that feels like the digital version of someone uncomfortably staring at your boobs.

But now, guys don’t have to rely on a semi-colon and a parenthesis to be creepy, they have all-new ways to “flirt” through cyberspace.

Case in point, their choice in emojis.

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In fact, in data from Facebook Messenger, they found that guys are 1.3x more likely to send this emoji:


I never thought there was an emoji that embodied guys’ cluelessness when making a move until now. Naturally, dudes are all too quick to use it. Can they stop being such eager beavers for once?

Sure, the emoji could also make you think of a girl who’s surprised with a kiss on the cheek from her sweetie. But it’s telling that girls’ most used emoji is this one instead:


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Because girls are more elusive. They admire and send kisses from afar, they don’t run into your lap and attack you with sloppy kisses like a dog would.


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