Guys Find These 5 Accents Hotter Than All Others

You should never change anything about yourself for a guy. And luckily, your accent is something you can’t really change! Unless you’re Madonna or a psycho because she’s the only one who can pull off an accent switcheroo, sorry.

That being said, we already revealed the accents that get girls DTF, so what about the dudes?

According to MissTravel, a website for finding a travel partner, these are the accents that get American guys hard in the pants.

1. Israeli

This is super rando TBH. Like, can you even mentally think about what an Israeli accent sounds like? If you need a refresher, just look up any Bar Rafaeli interview. Yeah, that’s hot.

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2. Colombian

Do you think men have actually met a lot of Colombian women whose accents they liked? Or do they just assume every girl from Colombia looks like Shakira?

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3. Australian

Not having a language barrier is always a plus, which is probably why girls ranked British dudes as their #1 also.

4. French

The French are always equated with romance for some reason, and we can imagine that a lady whispering sweet French nothings in your ear would wake up a guy’s boner.

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5. Southern

Is it the southern accents that men love? Or the fact that dudes might stereotypically assume Southern women are more likely to spend all day baking pies in the kitchen and never utter the word “feminism”? You be the judge.

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