Guys Don’t Care About Dating a Friend’s Ex If She’s Hot

If you’ve ever broken up with a dude, you’ve probably been swarmed with texts, DMs, or just leering glances from all his BFFs shortly after.

It’s either that all his friends are really concerned about your well-being after the break-up, or they have no loyalty to their friend and are thirsty af.

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Obviously, it’s the latter and not the former, because why would they give a fuck about your wellbeing? They probably made fun of your ex for getting “tied down” once you started dating and are celebrating his singledom now – but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to try to bang you first!

If you were burned in the breakup, the attention from your ex’s friends might make you feel special and maybe you’ll bang his roommate as “revenge” or something, but you’ll probably regret it as soon as you realize he just wanted to prove something to your ex.

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According to a study done by MeetMe, men are two times more likely than women to say they would think about dating their best friend’s ex, which shouldn’t shock you. This led the study researchers to conclude that guys subscribed to the idea “your enemies are my enemies… unless they’re hot.”

Keep in mind they asked about dating, which is obvi a bigger step than just hooking up. This leads us to assume that if they asked guys whether or not they’d sleep with a best friend’s ex, they’d be even more likely to – which, judging by experience, they are.

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This whole thing plays into the bigger picture that guys really don’t abide by the whole “bros before hoes” code ever, much as they like to pretend they do. And because guys aren’t allowed to exhibit emotions, the dude who gets burned ends up having to suck it up and pretend he doesn’t care, then will say something like, “she was a hoe anyway.”

If you thought your bestie drama and frenemy backstabbing was bad, imagine being a guy. At least as a girl you’re allowed to get pissed about it! Poor fragile masculinity bbs.

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