Guys Claim Wanting To Bang You Doesn’t Affect The Friendship

People have some very strong feelings about platonic friendships between heterosexual females and males.

Some claim that girls who are friends with guys are attention whores, or that every girl-guy friendship involves one party that wants to secretly date the other.

One thing’s for sure, the majority of guys would bang their female friends given the chance.

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Does it mean they’re in love with their female friend? Def not. It just means that most guys would bang pretty much any girl who was interested in them, and lots of the times they choose to make friends with a girl who’s relatively attractive to them.

So does this mean that you can’t be friends with a guy without worrying he’s going to make a move next time you’re both drunk? Well, no, according to guys.

In a Reddit thread where one user asked men, “Is it possible to be best friends with a female without being attracted to her? What are your experiences with it?” Guys had varying answers, but many of them specifically said that yes, they’re attracted to their girl friends, but that doesn’t mean they are going to act on it and ruin the friendship.

How mature of them!

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It sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m actually being kind of serious.

“You can be best friends with a girl, and find her attractive, and still choose not to act on any stray sexual or romantic feelings toward her,” explains Nihilistic_Response. “Sometimes sustaining a long-term friendship matters more than trying for a romantic relationship. Especially true of childhood friends or someone you have a lot of shared history with.”

Seriously, such a good point. Unfortunately, not all guys feel the same way (or girls, for that matter), but lots of the bros on this Reddit thread seemed pretty level headed about the whole thing.

“Some of my closest friends are women, am I attracted to them? I think so. But it really doesn’t impede anything,” says Reddit user_hephaestus. “We still talk about the same shit friends talk about, we even end up winging for each other sometimes at bars. If they asked me to have sex with them, I’d be down, but I don’t expect that.”

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A guy who doesn’t expect sex from a girl just because he’s nice to her without blaming her for putting him in the “friend zone?” Wow, this is something special.

But sometimes, it’s not the initial attraction that’s an issue, it’s the attraction that builds as you become closer, because we all know that a guy’s personality can turn a 6 into a 10 real quick.

“[You can] absolutely [be platonic friends with a girl], but you have to be mindful that when intimacy/closeness builds, so can attraction,” says Reddit user vey323. “So you may start out not being attracted to the person, but it develops as your bond does. It’s not a given, but a possibility.”

Happens to the best of us, TBH.

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Naturally, there are the outliers of dudes who can’t be friends with girls without trying to make a move (unless it’s a girl they’re not physically attracted to), but it’s good to know that there are guys who understand that it’s not all about “getting out of the friend zone” and that you can be friends with a girl without having ulterior motives.

Now, all we can hope is that these guys exhibit the same maturity IRL.

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