Survey Shows Women Are More Sexually Attracted To Guys With Comfortable Beds

We are all well aware that there are many factors besides physical attractiveness that goes into the decision of whether or not a girl is going to sleep with a guy – and each has their own complex set of standards.

Does he have a bad reputation? Does he dress well? Does he always text you back quick enough?

However, there is one criterion that is rarely talked about. Its so rarely brought up that guys probably don’t know you’re judging him on it at all – his bed. Not how he is in bed — I mean, his actual bed. Is it Tempur-Pedic with a four poster bed frame? Or is it a dirty mattress laid on the floor littered with mysterious brown stains? While most guys may think that having good game is all that it takes to get a girl to sleep with them once they’re in the bedroom, our recent survey shows that’s usually not the case.

We asked 80 sexually active girls aged 18-25, questions pertaining to how a man’s bed affects their sexual attractiveness, as well as their overall perception of them. The results may surprise you.

A whopping 66% of the women who responded say that they’re more likely to have sex with a guy if his bed is comfortable.

That number only rises when a girl is deciding whether to sleep with a guy again. When asked if they would be more likely to sleep with a guy a second time if his bed was very comfortable, nearly 70% said they would be.

Conversely, 67% of those responded that they were indeed LESS likely to sleep with a guy if his bed was too small, or too uncomfortable.

The results seem pretty clear. A man’s bed appears to most definitely be a decision making factor for a majority of girls. But what exactly do these women consider an ideal bed?

When asked that question, most of the women brought up the same general criteria – Size, Comfort, Cleanliness, the “Sound Factor”, and a good “Pillow Game”.


Where Size Does Matter

By far the most common response given in regards to ideal bed criteria, had to do with size. Most of the women who mentioned size, indicated that they related a man’s bed sized with his maturity level. Unlike some things in the bedroom, when it comes to a man’s bed, bigger is definitely better. For the women who said size was a factor,  anything less than a full-sized bed was a red flag (if you’ve been striking out in your dorm room twin-xl guys, maybe that’s a reason). They also indicated that a Queen size or greater was preferable.

“Twin size is just embarrassing, no matter how comfy.”

A Bed Comfy Enough For A Princess 

We’ve all heard the story of The Princess & The Pea. The tale of the princess whose royalty was put to the test by asking her to sleep on a huge a stack of mattresses with a pea at the bottom. Her prince-to-be concluded that princesses are so sensitive to comfort, if she could feel the pea, she must be a real princess. While most girls aren’t going to be that much of a diva about it, they do appreciate a very comfortable bed. The respondents indicated a soft bed with soft, fluffy comforters was ideal. A memory foam or pillow top mattress was preferable to a regular innerspring mattress.

“I consistently slept with a guy who may be the dumbest human I’ve ever met just because I liked his bed so much.”

Mr. Clean is Sexy

Guys, you might not be able to smell your sheets you haven’t washed in a month, but the girl you bring back with you probably can. Cleanliness of the bed was a major factor for our survey respondents. The majority of women said that experiencing dirty or stained bedding is a big turnoff, and can ultimately cause them to decide to spend the night at home. That doesn’t just mean a quick Fabreeze shower either – freshly washed & stain-free sheets and comforters are essential.

No Smell. No Stains. If the sheets smell like clean laundry it’s a plus.

Pillow Game On Point

Another very common response given was in regards to the pillow situation. Most girls who went through college probably experienced sleeping with the guy who had one flimsy pancake of a pillow that he expected to share between the two of you. This is a no-go.  Most of the respondents said they preferred lots of big, high-quality, comfortable pillows. They also definitely wanted to have their own without sharing with the guy. Our advice – how ever many pillows you sleep on, buy at least 2 more in case you have a girl sleeping over.

The Sound Factor

While the guy may be fine bragging to the entire building that he’s getting laid via his insanely loud bed announcing it to the world – the girls are not so enthusiastic about it. A creaky bed frame, or one that banged against the wall too much, was a turnoff for many of our respondents.

“His bed was so loud, I decided not to have sex with him until we could get back to my room, but then I just never got to it – and so that was the end of that”

You’re not a bug, so get off the floor!

While some guys may think the girl doesn’t notice that their bed is just a mattress on the floor – think again. Our girls said they can, and do, care if the guy doesn’t have a real bed frame. We all know money can be tight in college – but if you can afford beer money for a month, you can afford to spring for a $100 bed frame off craigslist. Additionally, many of the girls indicated having an actual headboard for holding on to, or even for some kinky handcuff play, was also a big plus.

“I never sleep with a man who has nothing but a mattress on the floor. Red. Flag.”

 So to summarize, women clearly relate a man’s bed to his maturity level, his cleanliness, & his priorities.  One of the women said, “A guy usually treats their bed like they treat the rest of their lives..” and I think that’s a great way to explain it. The ideal bed for most girls is big, with a soft mattress, fluffy comforter, clean sheets, and lots of comfy pillows. If you’re a guy reading this and don’t meet any of these criteria, maybe you should think about skipping the bar for a few weeks & upgrading your bedroom furniture.

Here are some other actual anecdotes from our respondents:

“One night I was sleeping in a guy’s bed that was extremely uncomfortable (1 blanket, 1 pillow), so I straight up just left in the middle of the night to go sleep in my own bed. After that, it was too awkward to hang out with him again.”

Anything Memory-Foam pillow top is a plus if I’ll be staying over, ditto on having a bigger sized bed. And a headboard is always fun if he’s into experimenting with bondage.

I was hooking up with this guy who had a twin sized bed. The sex was really good, but I just couldn’t deal with the size of his bed. There was no memory foam or anything, like how do you even sleep in that? I left immediately after sex. Nobody wants to sleep in an uncomfortable bed.

I went to this guy’s house once and his bed was on the floor. I pretended that my roommate had an emergency and left.

This one guy’s bed, let alone room, was a laundry tornado and I saw his sheets and ran… You could tell he didn’t wash them, not only from a few nameless stains, but also because it smelled like dirty laundry. 

My ex boyfriend had the comfiest bed that I’ve ever slept in. So comfortable that I kept having sex with him after we broke up because I missed the bed.

So it appears we can confidently say, girls really are bed snobs!

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