Girls Are Actually More Likely To Sext In a Relationship Than Guys

We all know guys love to send dick pics.

So much so, that lots of dudes are keen on sending pics of their schlong to complete randos who never, ever asked for them.

But a recent study found that while dudes are more likely to sext with randos, girls are actually the ones who are more likely to sext once they’re in a relationship.

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Interesting, right?

You’d think that even in a relationship, the guy would be the thirsty one begging for a titty pic on his lunch break, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

The survey spoke to 2,000 Americans and Europeans and found that while 14% of men were likely to sext a one night stand, only 6% of women were likely to. On the other extreme, 17% of men reported that they would sext their wife, whereas 24% of women said they would sext their husbands.

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When the survey asked participants about sexting a new partner and a casual partner, men came out on top, if only by a few percentage points. But, when asked about long term partners and spouses as mentioned above, women came out on top.

In terms of women, this makes sense. Guys can’t be trusted, and we want to make sure we can put our faith in a dude before sending him an explicit photo that we probs don’t want to get around his entire fraternity. But why do guys sext less than women when they’re in relationships?

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The researchers didn’t hypothesize on this, but we think that maybe it’s because the dude’s girlfriend starts calling the shots. He learns not to send a rando dick pic while she’s at work, and not to try starting a sexual message exchange while she’s out with her friends for a girls’ night. Because of this, he leaves it to her to decide when they’re going to get freaky via iPhone messages.

Or, maybe women can finally let their freak flags fly once they’re in a relationship, and they can actually act on their horniness without worrying about the dude “losing respect” for her.

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It kind of sucks that girls can’t have as much fun with sexting because they have to worry about dumb guys sharing their pics, but it’s also a blessing in disguise because boys will always be the serial dick pic senders.

Send nudes.

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