6 Times Guys Made Up New Names For “Girly” Things To Save Their Masculinity

Some guys really just can’t handle being associated with anything traditionally “girly”. Here’s 6 words they made up to use instead of “girly” words to save their masculinity.

1. Brosé 

Really? Even Rick Ross calls it rosé. Is your macho man image Really compromised when you break out a nice bottle of the pink stuff?

2. Bromance

Uh oh you’ve been hanging out with another guy too much and looks like things could be looking a little gay. Time to rebrand the friendship as a “bromance” so all your friends know you’re just bros who like hanging out with eachother a lot. Totally like ~no homo~ (but yes, bromo!)

3. Man Bun 

Nothing differentiates this hair style from a normal bun other than the fact that it’s attached to the head of someone who identifies as a dude but it was still VERY important to let everyone know that this a a man bun not a bun which is just way too girly.

4. GuyLiner

What’s the difference between eyeliner and guyliner? A penis, apparently.

5. Mandles 

These are sandles. A perfectly gender neutral footwear choice, now gendered thanks to your friendly dude who couldn’t handle the fact that his shoes didn’t seem manly enough.

6. Man Purse (also known as “Murse”) 

Popular with European men who seem to carry a lot more around with them than american men, men couldn’t handle the idea that they would be carrying a hand bag around because it resembled an actual purse way too much (spoiler alert: they are the exactly the same thing) so they thought how can we rebrand this as something more masculine? And that’s how the man purse was born.

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