Grammy Superlatives Awards 2015: The Guys Part II

Have you ever heard the saying that “High School Never Ends?” While you may not want to believe it, it’s kind of true… And what better way to take an ode to our high school days than treating celebrities like the cliques that we knew all too well? We’re taking the Grammy Nominees and giving them superlative awards with a twist (because we all know that ‘Best Looking’ would be way too hard to award to one person). The nominees are….

Most Likely To Give the Kiddies Nightmares: Slipknot


Most Likely To Expect His Own Private Section: Bono



Most Likely To Make a Baby on Grammy Night: Usher


Least Likely To Meet The Height Requirement: Childish Gambino


Most Likely To Not Give a F*** & Stay Home: Eminem


Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper: Kendrick Lamar


Mr. Congeniality: Kanye West


Best Hot Box in the Limo: Wiz Khalifa


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