Galore Grammy Superlative Awards 2015: Men’s Edition

Have you ever heard the saying that “High School Never Ends?” While you may not want to believe it, it’s kind of true… And what better way to take an ode to our high school days than treating celebrities like the cliques that we knew all too well? We’re taking this year’s Grammy nominees and crowning them with superlative awards with a twist (because we all know that ‘Best Looking’ would be way too hard to award to one person). And the winners are….

Most Likely To Cry If He Wins or Loses: Sam Smith


Most Likely To F*** Your Bitch: Shaggy


Most Likely To Be Sexting During The Award Show: James Franco


Most Likely To Grab A Background Dancer’s Ass: Weird Al 


Best Sugar Daddy: Tony Bennett


Most Likely To Be Friend-Zoned: Ed Sheeran


Most Likely To Be Confused For A British Security Guard: Pharrell Williams


Most Likely To Have The Best Date: John Legend


Most Likely To Ditch The After-Party For The Strip Club: Juicy J



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