Here’s What Celebs Will Get for Free in the $22,000 Grammy Gift Lounge

So maybe you didn’t win a Grammy. BFD.

The 150 presenters and performers at the annual Grammy awards still get compensated for their hard work, both at the rehearsals and the actual event, by gaining access to the Grammy gift lounge.

“It’s a convenience thing and fun thing for the celebrities to do while waiting in rehearsal,” Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary told Fortune. “They call it trick or treating.”


But this isn’t your average “trick or treating.” The gift lounge includes vouchers for trips, gift certificates, clothes, food, accessories, snacks, and lots and lots and lots of other sick goodies. And the stars get to pick and choose whatever they want, then have it delivered in a suitcase to either their car or their hotel.

This is what America’s luckiest entertainers will be getting for free while you live-tweet from your couch tonight.

The $6,180 Fit Club “Ultimate Fitness Package.”

So first you get a week-long stay at the Hilton Head Island fitness resort, all expenses paid. Said expenses include the entire trip’s meals planned by a nutritionist and a chef, along with a custom workout regimen. You also get mad clothes and vitamins gifted to you. Shit is crazy.

An hour-long session, priced at $5,500, with New York City plastic surgeons Stafford Broumand and Daniel Maman.

I’ve been watching a lot of Nip/Tuck, so this one really appeals to me. The surgeons will give you ultherapy, which is described as some ambiguous sort of skin-tightening treatment.

A $2,250 certificate for organic, gluten-free, and vegan cocktail service.

Because cocktails with gluten in them are passé.

$1,000 worth of interior decorating services.

That’ll cover about 1/3 of a bedroom wall in celeb world.

More traveling vouchers, including an $1,000 voucher for a week-long retreat at the well-known Cali-based Golden Door Resort.


A $200 Phillip Ashley chocolate gift box including a 23-karat-gold-salted caramel pecan pralines.

I’ll take four.

A gift certificate to any of the establishments owned by Patina Restaurant Group.

If you’re interested, which I was, you can see a list of the bajillion fancy restaurants that includes, here.

Some Marchon Eyewear eyeglasses.

Which range from $150 to $350.


Moral of the story? Become a celebrity.

But you already knew that.

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