Rising Pop Star Grace Is The New Voice Of Feminism

Australia’s most-buzzed about pop star Grace is young, blonde and beautiful but more importantly talented. Along with her soulful voice comes a healthy does of genuine humility and a keen smartness about what she’s doing with her music. Her latest cover “You Don’t Own Me” featuring G-Eazy is spreading like wildfire and Grace is more than happy to take over the feminist reigns of the song’s predecessor.

Grace, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

It was Quincy Jones who first approached Grace with the idea of covering Lesley Gore’s famed “You Don’t Own Me”. “After he explained to me what the record meant at time for women during the feminist movement in the 60’s, I was very excited to be a part of it and be the voice behind a timeless message for the new generation,” Grace said. And even after fifty years, it’s a much needed voice to be heard.

Grace, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

“I’m most free when I’m creating and writing songs.”

Grace’s powerful ‘60s cover helped launch her to an even larger platform, scoring a song on the Nina Simone documentary soundtrack and an appearance on The Today Show. “It feels incredible to come from writing songs in my bedroom to then be on such a big show that I grew up watching.” But the fame isn’t blinding Grace as she stays close with her friends and family, following her true bliss. “I’m happiest when I’m around my family and friends and I’m most free when I’m creating and writing songs as I get to express myself,” Grace said.

Grace, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

Grace is still blown away by the success of her first record and the support from her home country of Australia. All she is focused on right now is making good music, continuing to bless us with her ‘soul, hip-hop, jazz all wrapped into one’ sound. “I would like the people discovering my music to know that each song is a story and a part of me,” Grace said. And Grace continues to share her story and serves as a voice of feminism with her powerful cover of “You Don’t Own Me”.

Grace, Angelo Kritikos, Galore

Photos by: Angelo Kritikos

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