Good Girls, Gone Bad: 4 Disney Tween Queens That Crossed To The Dark Side

Disney has a knack for selecting lovely young ladies. The singing and dancing actresses who parade their baby faces across the channel. They charm the pants off of their viewers and then about five years later, they tend to be seen dancing with their pants off at the Hollywood nightclubs, acting out by beating up paparazzi and trading mouse ears for Playboy bunny headbands. Indeed, one of the former darlings Selena Gomez recently made the tabloids for reportedly cursing on stage at the 2013 Jingleball before storming off the stage. Is this necessarily negative though? After all, there is always something very removed, very milquetoast about Disney Channel starlets. I’m not certain why anyone believes that these girls are truly innocent to their core, after all, any human with blood coursing through their veins would have to feel slightly repressed being forced into the tweenage box for life. It is no wonder these girls end up growing into rebellion. Some go too far and end up in jail six or seven times. Others tattoo themselves head to toe and become pillars of inspiration and recovery. Here are four former good girls who we are glad grew into badasses.

1. Selena Gomez: One thing is for certain, she certainly grew into her looks. The Hispanic actress-singer is sultry seductress! But it seems that it was only since breaking it off with Justin Bieber that she truly found her wild side. Starting with her risqué role in Spring Breakers and following up with some more club friendly pop songs, we hope that this onstage swearing event wasn’t a one off thing. After all, it is time at the ripe old age of 20 that this girl starts speaking out for herself. Who knows? Today expletives, tomorrow maybe she will air some more interesting and unique opinions. Maybe. spring-breakers-ap01 2. Miley Cyrus: One of the most well known transformations to date! Maybe it was because it was so sudden. One minute she partying in the USA and the next she dancing with Molly. Maybe it was because of how dramatic it was. Chopping off all that brown hair for a Joan Jett esque haircut. The fact is, Miley is about a hundred times hotter, more interesting and more inspirational now than she was when she was trying to be a role model. Love you always Miles. Miley-Cyrus-2013-HD-Wallpaper-08-Download-1024x1024 3. Vanessa Hudgens: It is funny that this gal started off playing a shy goody goody and went on to snort coke off a naked chick’s stomach in Spring Breakers. Vanessa took a very casual route in her rebellion. After the nudy pics sent to her then hubby Zac Efron she didn’t seem all that perturbed by the backlash. That should have been out first hint that something was brewing behind that apple cheeked smile. From a badass photoshoot in Paper Magazine, to playing a teenage runaway in her up and coming film, this girl seems to be on the road away from redemption and we are loving it. Vanessa-Hudgens-Papaer-Magazine-Photoshoot-Outtakes-3 4. Demi Lovato: A different definition of badass. After all, she inks herself head to toe but then she doesn’t drink or party. It is a tough call. Then again, she did go into treatment for an eating disorder and drug problem and then opened up to the press about it in a 100% honest fashion. Pretty fucking badass actually.  music-demi-lovato-2

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