Golf Media Releases A Free Thanksgiving Episode Of “The Greatest Cooking Show Of All Time” Only On Galore TV

We know our #GaloreGirls are nowhere near ordinary, so we’ve teamed up with Golf Media’s Bonnie Lalich to give you an unconventional guide to cooking on this Thanksgiving. “The Greatest Cooking Show Of All Time”, currently playing exclusively on Tyler The Creator’s app, Golf Media, is anything but your ordinary cooking show. In fact, the app is full of original, uncensored content that you couldn’t get from a TV network today. Much like Tyler, you’re never sure what to expect from this app—fully animated shows, livestreams and a 24/7 radio station of untapped music. In this episode of”The Greatest Cooking Show Of All Time”Bonnie preps the ultimate Thanksgiving mac n cheese with some very special guests. Check it out below, and watch more on Golf Media.

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