“The Golden Globes” Wrote Jokes Mocking Sofia Vergara’s Accent

The writers behind the jokes and banter of the “Golden Globes” broadcast made a lazy joke at Sofia Vergara’s expense and people are pissed.

Sofia was tasked with introducing this year’s Miss Golden Globes. Miss Golden Globe is an annual tradition in which famous people’s daughters get to dress up and hand out trophies at the Globes every year, despite slim to nonexistent IMDB profiles. It’s just one more perk of being born to A-list parents, basically.

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Miss Golden Globe is a boring concept, so it’s not surprising the Globes writers tried to inject some humor into it. But the jokes, which revolved around Sofia mispronouncing the word “annual” as “anal,” fell flat.

Here’s the video, with a transcription of the jokes below.

“The Hollywood Foreign Press has an anal tradition… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anal. They have an anus tradition… They have a tradition that they do every year of choosing a second generation performer to assist in the presentation of the award. To fulfill the duties of Miss Golden Globe tonight are the three beautiful daughters of Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin: Scarlet, Sistine, and Sophia.”

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Whether you found the jokes cringeworthy or no big deal is up to you. But people on Twitter reacted negatively from the jump, saying the jokes were just a lazy excuse to mock a latina woman’s accent — and on a night when people of color are dismally underrepresented already.

Sofia Vergara might have been okay with this joke, but it’s been done so many freaking times. It’s not only racially insensitive, but hack and lazy af. Hopefully by the next awards show, someone will come up with a better bit for Sofia.

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