Girl DJs Give Tips For Having The Best Girls Night Out Ever

It’s Friday, pumpkins! Instead of doing date night with your boo or sitting home making voodoo dolls of your dreaded ex, grab your favorite girls and head out for a night of drinks, dancing, and absolutely no drama… or at least no crying. To get ready for the perfect night, we asked our favorite SKAM artists and party-loving ladies where they’re heading and how they’re getting ready for GNO. Brooke Evers brought her international style, Caroline D’Amore showed off her laidback side, Jessica Who got eccentric with it, and Havana Brown was the club queen who Instagrammed the entire time. These DJs know a thing or two about looking great in Saturday morning #latergrams despite the sweaty humidity of packed venues and strobe lighting. And they know even more about having fun.

THE VENUE: “Hopping around to different bars is my thing. Lately my favorites have been Sidebar and Gramps (especially for trivia night). For a clubbier night out, Basement at The Edition is awesome (disco + bowling + ice skating = trifecta).” — Jessica Who 

BEST HEELS FOR DANCING: My new electric blue Saint Laurent heels! They’re super high with just a strap across the toe and one around the ankle…and surprisingly comfortable! — Havana Brown

PREGAME MUST JAMS: “Depending on my mood, I like to play old school Blink 182 or Beastie Boys, but if I’m relaxed and more chill I always have “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” playing, or my favorite “Music and Me” by Nate Dogg.” — Brooke Evers

PERFECT RED LIPSTICK:MAC’s Ruby Red.” — Caroline D’Amore

HOTTEST HAIR: Nothing beats head banging with some beachy waves. Don’t wash your hair, just add Drybar’s dry shampoo. — CD

IT-GIRL EYE MAKEUP: I’ve been using a lot of gold and plum colors around my eyes that seem to really bring out my own eye color. I have also found a mascara that is by far the best one I’ve used by Poni Cosmetics which is a local Australian brand. — BE

WAY TO MATCH YOUR NAILS TO YOUR OUTFIT: Don’t! I always do my nails a crazy color since I wear a lot of black, just to add something different. — JW

ONE ESSENTIAL IN YOUR BAG: A small clutch with my iPhone, so I can document everything on Snapchat and rewatch our crazy antics the next morning! — HB

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