Global Citizen: Easy Ways To Give Back

As a Galore Girl, you have enough going on- from your busy social life, to your hectic job, to your ability to look amazing all the time. It’s hard to find time to give back to the causes that you support. Lucky for us, some of our favorite brands have been making it easier with products that we already buy (say TOMS or M.A.C. Viva Glam). But what if you could save the world without spending money? Thanks to Global Citizen, you can.


With Global Citizen, you can earn points by performing certain actions, and these points can be redeemed in concert/ sports tickets and various other rewards. Hello celebrity-filled concerts and football tailgates!

These actions are not any craziness that you would expect. You won’t be subjected to weeks of community service, you don’t even have to leave your apartment- or your bed! Actions are as simple as tweeting at the Norwegian Prime Minister, dedicating a song to a friend, or watching informational videos on the Global Partnership for Education.

And, if you do want to leave your bed this weekend, make sure to check out the Global Citizen Festival this Saturday in Central Park featuring Jay Z, No Doubt, The Roots, FUN, Tiesto, and Carrie Underwood. You can still complete tasks on to earn points towards tickets, or you can purchase The Impack to enter for a chance to win tickets.


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