INTERNATIONAL GIRLS: Giulia Popa Talks America’s Obsession with Junk Food

Just like Trey Songz and Justin Bieber, we love our foreign girls and we wanted you to get to know them (and where they came from) just a little bit better. Each week, we’re asking these passport yielding babes about their aspirations, Instagram game and what they think about this bizarre place we call America and why they decided to make it their final destination. Imagine their culture shock when they realized Donald Trump or Kanye could so easily run for president. If you hail from a faraway land and would like to let us know what you think, submit this survey and your cutest Instagram pic to for a chance to be featured. 

Name: Giulia Popa

Age: 20

Instagram: @giuliapopa

Where I’m from: Oradea, Romania

Now I live: Tempe, Arizona

Why I moved: My aunt and uncle moved out here, so since they were really the only family we had at that point in the states we wanted to all stay together so we moved out here to be closer to them.

Who I am, basically: aspiring business woman.

I only speak Romanian when I’m with my family. People ask me to always say something and I almost always say noo. Just feels weird.

What’s the weirdest American slang you’ve picked up since moving here? Probably “Y’all”

My favorite food from Romania is: Sarmale!!! It’s rice, chicken and different spices wrapped up in cabbage and placed in the oven for a few hours. They are the best when my mom makes them… yumm.

Favorite song ATM: How Deep is Your Love by Calvin Harris

Biggest culture shock moment: I don’t know how I remember this but it was first grade when I first moved to America and everyone was speaking English and I did not understand a single thing that was going on, I just remember how I cried so hard when I got dropped off.

What my parents just don’t get about American culture: Probably that people move in together before they get married… They don’t view that as the normal thing to do. They were both brought up more traditional in the sense that living together should be for after marriage I guess. They might be in for a shock when I don’t follow through with those plans though… Ooops

The dumbest thing a guy has said to me about my culture while attempting to flirt with me: One time a guy google translated how to say “beautiful” in Romanian… Completely butchered the word and I couldn’t stop laughing. Poor guy.

Favorite thing to post on Insta? Pictures of my with my best friends of course 🙂

An American stereotype I’ve found to be 100% true: The amount of junk food everyone eats here!! Crazy.

Worst thing about American guys/girls: I’d say maybe a little lack of open-mindedness. Sometimes people are very judgmental.

Best thing? They are hard working though!

Donald Trump, Kanye West, or Hillary Clinton for president? Oh… Is there a fourth option?


Illustration by Grace Tame.


To see cute BFF pics and healthier food choices than us American folk, follow Giulia on Instagram.


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