Girls On Girls On Guitars: 3 Must-See Bands At CMJ This Weekend

Question: Is festival season over? After all, the sweaty, weeklong orgies of Coachella,
Lolla, Bonaroo and Warped have come and gone. Electric Daisy shut down early after the Molly incident and Kiss Concert was never even worth going to. So is festival season over? Not a f***ing chance. More than 30 years after CMJ began in one closet sized New York City club, featuring only two artists, CMJ is still the coolest music festival to hit the city. Hands down, the coolest, because what is cool but the ability to recognize the sexy new superstars before they achieve Icona Pop fame (Icona Pop was featured at CMJ only just last year by the way!). And speaking of Icona Pop and their effortless feminine wiles, here are the top ten hottest ladies performing at CMJ this year ( and of course, where to find them):

1. Deirdre and the Dark: October 18th @5:20, The Living Room

Deirdre and the Dark was founded in 2012 by lead singer Deirdre Muro. The band is a film noir influenced pop band that compiles a mix of guitar riffs and combo organs to create a ghostly sound harkening back to the lounge music of the past. Their new song “Skeleton” will be the one to watch for this performance!

2. Heliotropes: October 18th @11:40 pm- The Gutter, 

The psychedelic Brooklyn based girl group has a slightly rock and roll sound that will bring to mind a mix of the Clash and the experience of an acid trip. Their single, “Early in the Morning” would best be experienced on the drug itself, so enjoy!

3. Betty Who: October 18th @11:20 pm, The Westway 

The Australian born pop princess has a seductive pinup girl look that belies her child-like upbeat tunes. With a belt like Madonna and gams to boot, this 22-year-old prodigy will blow you away with her hit single “Somebody Loves You”.

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