The Kate’s Meow

Alex Catarinella: Kate Nash! Hi! Let’s chit-chat about your lauded EP, Death Proof. Fact or fiction: it has something to do with Tarantino’s film, also called, duh, Death Proof.
Kate Nash: I was inspired by the movie, but lyrically, it’s written about two different things. Metaphorically, it’s about having your heart ripped out. It’s like saying, “Okay, I don’t need all of it. I can still survive even though you’ve burnt a chunk of my f***ing heart off.” And literally, when I was 17, I had a heart procedure where some of my heart was lasered off. So, it’s metaphorical and literal. And then I just wanted it to be kind of tough. There’s a line in the film where it’s like, “I’ve made a deal with death.” I thought it was just funny and pretentious.

AC: Your brand new LP, Girl Talk, sounds super aggressive and in-your-face… There’s lots of screaming, which I love, PS. But will listeners who are obsessed with your past hits (“Foundations” is SO GOOD) be shocked by this intense direction?
KN: If fans have seen my live show then they get it, because I’ve been doing that for a few years. But for people who only know my first record, like “Foundations” and stuff, they might be surprised. I think it is more aggressive. It was like a purging experience — it was something I really needed to do to survive what I went through emotionally last year. I didn’t think about what anyone would think or anyone’s reactions. I just did what I needed to do to stay sane and have fun and progress with music.

AC: What’s the story behind the album’s title? Because my kind of “girl talk” is total Facebook stalking an asshole ex and gossiping with my gays and cradling a bottle of Jameson and going total Fatal Attraction kinds of cut and not remembering any of it the next morning.
KN: I just think the album title sounds cute! With my first record, I was super girly and young, and then after doing that whole thing, I felt insecure that people wouldn’t take me seriously enough. I sort of went through a tougher image — always wearing my leather jacket on stage and giving a really extreme handshake. On this record, I want to celebrate femininity and not be so serious and tough. Girl talk can be about lipstick and boys and f***ing politics and serious shit. Don’t underestimate the girl. Yeah, I’m wearing a cute dress, but I’m still a bad bitch from hell!

AC: So, let’s talk about some of your favorite songwriters.
KN: F***. Oh my God… that’s really hard. I’m trying to think of the songs I listen to over and over… Well, Hole’s Live Through This is my favorite record of all time. Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith, The Beatles. I wanna think of some current, too. I’ve gone blank because of this gin and tonic.

AC: I’m dying for a drink or six. I’m attempting to do the whole sober thing for the rest of the month.  
KN: I did six sober weeks before Christmas and no caffeine too. It was f***ing cool man. But like three weeks in, I got crazy headaches. I kept saying I had brain cancer and saying I had a brain tumor and everyone got really mad at me. And then I got a brain scan.

AC: Yeah, we’re basically twins. Awesome. Back to the tunes: sum up your album in five words… go!
KN: Five words… okay… f***! I think it’s honest. It’s raw. It’s pop. But it’s aggressive.

AC: One more word, Kate.
KN: Purge!

AC: Nice. Can you elaborate on the story behind your single “3 AM”?
KN: It’s about being trapped in a mindset of a relationship that’s over. It’s just like a weird sickness when you end it but you’re still sick and obsessive. You can’t stop thinking about how things were, but you have to wake up to how things actually are. It’s 3 AM and it’s that thing where you can’t sleep, you can’t eat, and then you sleep all the time during the day. It’s so painful and exhausting. And you want to numb yourself but that’s really dangerous. It’s like rose tinted glasses, and you’re trying to take them off and see how things really are.

AC: But it’s the trying to take those f***ers off part that hurts the most… because you don’t want to believe the reality of the shitty situation…
KN: You don’t! You wanna hold on to something. Especially if you’re really romantic like me. I hate when people say, “Time is a healer.” I’m like, “I’m gonna punch you in the face!” I will never tell someone that. It’s like you’re in Alice in Wonderland and mentally ill.


Photography: Jacob Dekat
Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa

Stylist: Shandi Alexander

Hair: Matthew Green

Make Up: James Vincent

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